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Get Kimye's Wedding on a Budget

From the looks of Kim and Kanye’s wedding it truly was an affair to remember. A feeling that every bride wants and some may even want to recreate elements of this. Granted you cannot get the look without some help. Adore Productions can certainly show you how and assist you in the steps of how to achieve elements or the feeling of this extravagant wedding for a fraction of the cost.

Kim’s hand embroidered lace, trumpet Givenchy gown is reportedly valued at more than $200,000. You can find variations of this dress already in off the rack and couture bridal stores as Kate Middleton wore a long sleeve lace dress for her nuptials. You can have a great tailor open up the back and recreate the trumpet style very easily. Alterations of this sort typically run in the $675 - $900 range. See this Kerry Gown by Watters Bridal. You can order extra lace to make the sleeves full length if you choose. It already features an open back that you can ask a tailor to make dip lower just like Kim’s. Typically Watters gowns range from $800 - $3500. Call your local bridal salon for pricing. The bridesmaids also wore floor length white Givenchy. To get a similar look this dress by BCBG (Gracie) would pair wonderfully with the lace bridal gown and is under $400. 2. The Décor Well the reception décor details have not yet been released but the big statement piece was the floral wall. Any florist will tell you something of that magnitude would easily cost $100,000 per wall. We can recommend a few wedding designer tips that can help you to achieve the look.

  • A wall of hanging florals.

  • A paper floral wall.

We found a You tube video on how to make floral roses in different sizes. Or you can hire your wedding decorator to do this as well. 3. Entertainment While Kim and Kanye paid Andrea Bocelli or John Legend to perform at your wedding there is now cities flooded with entertainment. Minneapolis is known for their musical entertainment. MN has produced some of the most prolific artists in entertainment today and plenty of backup musicians to go with them. Off the top of our heads you can contact Kerry Noble, Nicolas David of the Voice, Kat Perkins of the Voice, Tim Mahoney of the Voice, and many more. 4. The Venue You may not be able to fly 100 guests to Italy but you can get the look right here in the Midwest. Unique venues and especially wineries have become the new thing in the Midwest and some of them boast a beautiful chateau in the background. A few examples of this are: Chateau St Croix Winery and Vineyard or Glensheen Mansion in Duluth is a beautiful estate that offers spectacular views and a sprawling mansion as the backdrop 5. The Food Kim and Kanyes wedding guests dined on fare that would set you back $100 per plate of tortellini. However the Midwest is known to have wonderful Italian restaurants and can replicate. Many venues also offer Italian options because often Italian fare offers something for everyone to like.

6. The Cake The famous couple served up a whole lot of delicious. Seven layers in fact. While each layer probably cost them thousands. We can suggest how you can get a super impactful look.

  • A large dessert stand. Adore actually offers this dessert stand for rent to couples. The dessert stand rents for just $250 and features 6 tiers that sit on a 60 inch round table for the drama. Add fresh or silk florals for a draping and romantic look.

  • Faux cake tiers made of Styrofoam. While you will still have to pay your cake designer to decorate them to match the edible ones, you can get the height you are looking for an just make the bottom tiers the edible ones.

7. Horse and Carriage “Kimye” rode off in the sunset in a beautiful horse and carriage. This is something that easily translates to weddings often especially in MN where there are plenty of farms raising horses. You too can hire a carriage from a place like The Hitching Company ( 8. The Planner Sharon Saks was the lucky planner as she has planned just about every Kardashian event since.. forever. However Adore Productions offers Kat Minks. An event planner and designer that actually started her company in Los Angeles in 2003 and has planned enough Hollywood events to know where to get just about anything and make it happen for you. Even if it means on a slimmer budget. Lucky you, Adore Productions is now in MN! Call (612) 961 6070 or email for an appointment to get these wedding looks and more. #fruits #wedding #budgetwedding #mnwedding #elegantwedding #kimkardashianwedding



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