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Vases, Candelabras & Candleholders

We offer a unique selection of glass, wood, and even wax containers to make your table scape a wow at your event. 

Hanging Globe 4 inch

Hanging Globe 4 Inch $1.00 rental each Plexi 40 available

Cloche 12 inch

Cloche 12 inch Large $5 Rental 5 available (metal plate base not included)

8 Inch cloche

Med Cloche $5 rental 10 available (mix of metal or wood base)

Small Milk Glass Pedestal

Small Milk Glass Pedestal 2 available $1.50 rental

Med Milk Glass Pedestal

Med Milk Glass Pedestal $2.00 Rental each 2 available

Large Milk Glass Pedestal

Large Milk Glass Pedestal $3 each rental 4 available ( photo shown is of one in stock patterns vary)

Hobnail Bud Vase

Hobnail Bud Vase $1 each rental 5 available

5 inch compote clear

Compote Bowl Med 5 available 5 inch diam. ( clear insert included) $3 each rental

Mercury bud vase rental

Mercury Bud Vase $1.00 each rental 5 available

pink bud vase

Pink Bud Vase $1.00 each rental 5 available

clear globe vase

3 inch vase globe shape $.50 rental 10 available

2.5 inch bud vase rental

clear bud vase 15 available varying shapes. ( pic shown example) $1.00 each rental

black candle holder rental

black candle holder 4 inches high x 3 wide 4 available $1.00 each rental

Rose Gold Milk Bud Vase

Rose Gold Milk Vase Rental $2.00 each 14 available

gold votive candle cup

Gold votive candle cup Candle not included rental: $1.75 each Led Candle: $.75each Standard tealight $.50 each

Clear Votive Cup with LED Candle

Clear votive Candle Cup $1.25 each Does not include candle. Candle LED is $.75 each Standard Candle $.50 each

Wine Bottles

Great for candles or flowers. We have an abundance of these to decorate tables, stairs, altars, etc.. Wine Bottle : Clear $2.00 each Wine Bottle: Gold $2.50 each Wine Bottle: Clear with Gold Sparkle $3.00 each Wine Bottle: Black Matte $2.50 each Wine Bottle: White Matte 2.50 each

Clear Vase Rental

Cylinders For florals or candles SM, MED, LG Available 20" x 7 inches - 12 Available $14 rental 15" x 4 inches- 18 Available $10 rental 9" x 3.35 inches - 24 available $1.50 rental 7" x 3.35 inches - 36 available $1.50 rental rental pricing is per item.

Vintage Liquor Bottles Vases

Liquor Bottles / Vases Great Vintage touch for any era you are channeling Set of 4 Rents as set $30

White Bud Vase Rental

small white bud vase 5 available $2.00 each rental

Gold Pedestal Vase

Gold Pedestal Vase Rental $8.00

Medium Bell Jar

Bell jars make a beautiful statement for tables. Place flowers or items inside. (Flowers not included in rental) $7 each rental price. about 5 inch opening.

ball mason jar

Mason Jars Sm $.50 Med $1.00 Large $ 2.50 - Quart Rental 100 available

Apothecary Jars

Apothecary Jars are such a great item to be used for serving items in or utilizing different heights to create interest. Our set includes 2 Large $15/ each rental 2 Medium $10/ each rental 1 Small $8/ each rental (Shown here as beverage & garnish holders )

mercury glass pedestal

Mercury Glass Pedestal Vase 6 inch mercury glass pedestal vase Rents for $7/ each. (includes plastic insert for flowers)

Eiffel Tower Vases 36"

Eiffel Tower Vases Rental $12/each Does not include set up and delivery and is optional. - photo by Andrews Photography

Cylinder Glass Vases (skinny)

Cylinder vases perfect for centerpieces or to hold bouquets. Vase Heights range from 4 to 12 inches. 9 inch $2.00/each 7 inch $1.50/ each 4 inch $1.00/ each

Wood Slices

wood slabs/ slices 2 sizes 5 or 11 inches in diameter. about 1.5 - 2 inches thick. 11 inch $7 rental each 5 inch 4.00 rental each

Modern Wax Vase / Candle Holders

Wax Gray Vases/ Candle Holders Come in two sizes. Large $7 rental Medium $5 rental - You must put a glass vase inside for non flame candles and florals. - only LED candles allowed to be used with this item.

Milk Vase

Rose Gold Milk Bud Vases $2.00/each rental

Large Bell Jar

Large Bell Jar $40 rental

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