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Stylish Masks Are Back And The Micro-Wedding That Never Left

What new mask mandates and Covid restrictions mean for your wedding or event and the wedding industry now.

photo Jennifer Trautmann Gratitude Photography

While the world seemed to be distraught at first that weddings had to become between two people only (or a very limited group) it seems something has sunk in the minds of those wanting to have celebrations and professionals that put them on as well.

The Micro-wedding that many thought was a “flight of fancy” has taken off and is not stopping.

In our previous stories about Micro weddings early in 2020 we felt that easing people’s minds about the flair that a Micro wedding can have was important. Our stories included fantastic table tops ideas, freebies to print out at home, and what to focus on for food service safely.

Kat Minks' grandmother and grandfather at their wedding in 1958
a wedding at home in the 1950's

The angst was real because for some reason in society previous to our Covid-19 era latched onto the idea that the wedding celebration was not a party unless there were lots of people there, a big dance floor, a white dress, and lots of gifts. When in fact most celebrations even just 50 years ago were just family for the most part. Because of lack of finances for families after World War II many celebrations in the 40’s and 50’s were being held right in private homes like they have been in 2020 and 2021. Gentleman wore suits and ladies simple dresses and often color . Vows taken in living rooms. Celebration dinners and cake cuts happened in the dining room.

Again, the 50’s brought the era of grace Kelly and grandeur but then the pushback on a culture of extravagance in the 60’s and 70’s brought beach and barefoot weddings with brides in loose, eyelet, ruffle gowns or even pant suits and again… color. Think Liza Minnelli in a buttercup Halston Pantsuit. Kind of sounds like a trend that has gained much popularity in 2020 and 2021, right? Is this a trend or human life simply adapting to reality, surroundings, and acceptance?