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Stylish Masks Are Back And The Micro-Wedding That Never Left

What new mask mandates and Covid restrictions mean for your wedding or event and the wedding industry now.

photo Jennifer Trautmann Gratitude Photography

While the world seemed to be distraught at first that weddings had to become between two people only (or a very limited group) it seems something has sunk in the minds of those wanting to have celebrations and professionals that put them on as well.

The Micro-wedding that many thought was a “flight of fancy” has taken off and is not stopping.

In our previous stories about Micro weddings early in 2020 we felt that easing people’s minds about the flair that a Micro wedding can have was important. Our stories included fantastic table tops ideas, freebies to print out at home, and what to focus on for food service safely.

Kat Minks' grandmother and grandfather at their wedding in 1958
a wedding at home in the 1950's

The angst was real because for some reason in society previous to our Covid-19 era latched onto the idea that the wedding celebration was not a party unless there were lots of people there, a big dance floor, a white dress, and lots of gifts. When in fact most celebrations even just 50 years ago were just family for the most part. Because of lack of finances for families after World War II many celebrations in the 40’s and 50’s were being held right in private homes like they have been in 2020 and 2021. Gentleman wore suits and ladies simple dresses and often color . Vows taken in living rooms. Celebration dinners and cake cuts happened in the dining room.

Again, the 50’s brought the era of grace Kelly and grandeur but then the pushback on a culture of extravagance in the 60’s and 70’s brought beach and barefoot weddings with brides in loose, eyelet, ruffle gowns or even pant suits and again… color. Think Liza Minnelli in a buttercup Halston Pantsuit. Kind of sounds like a trend that has gained much popularity in 2020 and 2021, right? Is this a trend or human life simply adapting to reality, surroundings, and acceptance?

Pictured a shot from the New Netflix movie "Halston" that showcases the famous designer clothing in the 60's and 70's including that of a yellow wedding suit that became popular in color and design.

So here we are 2021. Many held onto the idea of large gatherings and big weddings potentially. As vaccines have progressed sluggishly the ongoing trend many wedding industry professionals and planners have seen is couples choosing (regardless of hope) the smaller wedding, reception, or gathering of less than 50 because many in their family they have a couple situations to contend with.

  1. travel

  2. are elderly and still high risk being around those that can’t get vaccinated ( children under 12)

  3. not vaccinated by choice.

Now what we see coming into fruition in a complete long lasting change in the adaption of humans and living. The reality is contagious and deadly illness ( such as Covid -19) is part of our lives. The other thing part of our lives… LOVE. The tremendous human emotion collaborates with human necessity to be together.

A pretty intimate setting designed by event & wedding planner Kat Minks of Kat Minks Design in MN. Photo Kelly Birch Photography
Beautiful intimate wedding event setting by Kat Minks Design

Part of living is celebrating! We have to, now more than ever when we can, because life on earth is a fleeting moment. We are finding ourselves making adjustments to life as we know it and everything we do reflecting our changes just as land animals became water mammals.

So what can we expect this evolving micro wedding era to have incorporated in it? Well much of it is outlined in our Annual Bridal Trend Guide but here is a taste of what you can plan to see us incorporating into it for 2022.

  1. More couples buying homes that they can entertain small groups in and having the luxuries that you’d find in a venue. Larger garages, bigger yards, basements with bars and defitely a pool.

2. The small venue / Air BNB boom. Many are moving outside of the cities and even suburbs immediately surrounding to places with acreage. Farms in fact. What does that mean? They need to start building a sustainable living without driving back to the city every day and that means creating a space for people to come and celebrate. It may mean a winery, a spa and mini resort, or a vacation home on Air BNB.

Pictured A lavish Air BNB wedding event in Minnesota designed by Kat Minks Design.

3.Puff sleeves and not a lot of fuss for wedding dresses. With pronouns, inclusion, and unrest becoming our vocabulary some of the “girly and princess” feeling styles are taking a back seat to ease and quality minimalist styles in gowns and suits.

4.Dress rental and pumping the breaks on “fast fashion”. More and more we are seeing rent the runway and wedding dress rental facilitators pop up. As well as the reworking of family heirloom gowns that have been stuffed in a box for far too long to appreciate. Must be all those “crafters” finding their mental escape!

5.Music - Live jazz. Something people like to hear in a cocktail lounge versus a full on party dj. You can still do your wedding dance but the rest of the group can bob, nod, and shake their shoulders to hits and still feel energized.

6. Still No Buffet. It’s not very safe to have serving utensils touched by multiple hands nor is it to have people breathing on the food. Anything and everything prepackaged or plated and served by masked service staff.

7. Hostess Helpers / A.K.A. Wedding Coordinators - If there was ever a time to hire one, or be one it's now. If you're not having a wedding at a traditional venue, who will do all of the work even if it's for less than 100? Also the new style of event venues require a planner or coordinator because they do not keep one on the payroll.

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