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Styled Shoots

A great way to showcase, network, align with your ideal customer 

Throughout the year Kat Minks Design plans structured styled branding and  marketing photoshoot workshops for creative professionals and businesses to take part in. 

These shoots are pre determined themes and color schemes that are completely organized by Award Winning Event Designer and Professional and Certified Event and Wardrobe Stylist of 18 years, Kat Minks.  

The themes are

*selected to appeal to wide array of audiences

*work as content for just about any business. 

In a series of 3- 4 Vignettes usually consisting of 

*A Lifestyle Vignette - ie. a home or lounge setting 

*Wedding or Party Vignette

*A Flatlay Area ( For products from business involved or lifestyle products available pertaining to shoot)

*In some occasions we take special requests for a vignette.

Photographers shoot the sets with business products and or models  ( sometimes the business owners themselves) to appeal to a wide array of audiences or a specific type of customer based on businesses and products involved.  We suggest about 20 min per vignette of shooting. 




Photo by Gratitude Photography 

Pictured Kat Minks  Styling Model in Shoot  and Photographer Terry Stoe getting ready to take the shot. Model Stacy Blair of Losing for Health.


How you Gain 

Product and brand photo shoots can become expensive and lots of planning goes into them. Even getting consistent content for your social media can be exhausting. This is an organized event where the heavy lifting of planning is all done for you by a professional celebrity fashion, prop stylist and event designer . 


Photographers:  You show up and take the photos in an atmosphere of  beautifully styled vignettes with models and props.  You can select the types of customers you are trying to attract by what you shoot.  As photog you are asked to release at least 40 images at minimum complimentary to attendees. It works in your favor to choose great ones because they will also act as advertisement for you every time a participant posts and credits you.  Any images you would like to sell or release to participants there after is of your choosing. 

Business ( Service or Product based ) : you gain photos of your work or product that is stunning and  sometimes from several photographers' creative aspects, depending on whom signs up for the shoot.  Additionally photos of yourself working or portraying the lifestyle your clients want to see or be living.   You being in the photos for headshots or working shots can be arranged. 

Photographers that sign up are required to give each person involved with shoot at least 40 images.  Additionally you can take your own photos and videos while at the shoot/event. 

Models/ Makeup and Hair Stylists : Potential for building your referrals and opportunities.  Plethora of photos from various photographers. 

Q: What does a styled shoot do for your business? 

The photos you receive are great for your social media and marketing efforts but also a great networking opportunity. There's no one better than another small business owner to gain business from or a referral from.  Additionally all in or taking photos get a list of whom to credit when posting or using for certain marketing.   This boosts your visibility. 

Upcoming Dates 

Monday May 24 2021 Twin Cities, MN

Monday June 21st 2021Twin Cities, MN

Participation in certain shoots are complimentary when you are a Kat Minks Design Consulting Client. 

Consulting prior to shoot is recommended but not mandatory.  

Images are often published in Adore Magazine and submitted to other publications as well as for your own use. 

There Is a Simple Application to fill out to make sure the shoot doesn't have too many overlapping businesses when you select "Reserve your spot" .  

You will be notified if you are chosen. 

KatMinksDesign200822 - 038.JPG

Need Help Laying or How to Project Your Product or Yourself In a Shoot? 

Project consulting with Kat prior to the shoot will help you plan and get the most out of the shoot that aligns with your intentions and ability to use photos for your own marketing after.  However is not required for participation in the shoots. It does however, enhance your experience and what you get out of it. 

Typically consulting with Kat on what you want to get out of the shoot is a series of meetings over the course of 4- 8 weeks prior to and a followup after the shoot.  Spaces are limited and are on first come basis. 

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