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Are Your Colors Lying? Showing your True Personality in Image, Marketing, and Events

Sure you may feel good in a certain color, but is that who you really are? How do people know about the real you if everything is visual and no one reads anymore. Your photos, the image that you produce.

If I am a consumer looking for product and I am looking at your instagram. Say you are photographer and you tell me you want to attract a wedding client but all I see are photos of models or artistic landscape shots, I'm going to keep moving on to the next.

Color theory works hand in hand with the type of client you are trying to attract. As publisher of Adore Magazine and having developed color palettes for styling and events for so long the colors you choose to focus on for social have an effect on how people perceive working with you and experiencing your brand.

For instance if in your photos you are shown in all black and your photos are always taken in an office an initial human response to the color black is






*formal when used in opposition to white.

Using photos with you in white or in a white surrounding evokes a clean look. Purity and Gentle.

So when you planning out your content or surroundings for your business, home, or an event think about how you want your guests or customer to feel.

Choose colors that create that sense. For businesses, what colors are the personality of the people you want to work with?

Feeling Romantic, Feminine, Kind = Pink /Blush

Feeling Engergetic, Excited, Retro = Orange

Feeling Fresh, Natural, Tranquil = Green

Feeling Trustworthy, Orderly, Tranquil = Blue

Feeling Vibrant,Strong, Excited, Passion = Red

Feeling Innocence, Spacious, Clean , Modern, Easy = White

Feeling Imaginative, Mysterious, Spiritual = Purple

Felling Formal, Strong, Bold, Power = Black

For your free 15 minute color strategy session and more Brand Consulting or Event planning check out Kat Minks Design. Kat created Adore magazine to bring to the forefront love filled celebrations that are easily accessible. Adore also features passionate businesses that make design, style, and events easy.


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