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Design and Consulting


*I'm planning an event, How much will my event cost to have you design it? 


*This depends on a few factors that we go over a quick questionnaire and virtual meeting.  

*your guest count


*and what Kat Minks Design involvement is

All come into play. 

Starting pricing for events is listed in the Signature events 

Adore Magazine 

* Apple Ibooks Promo Code Download Instructions: 

How to redeem promo codes on desktop

  1. On Apple Books on desktop, click Redeem under Quick Links.

  2. Enter the promo code and click Redeem.

The book should appear in your library shortly.

How to redeem promo codes on iOS/ iPad and iPhone 

  1. Within Apple Books, go to your account.

  2. Tap Redeem Gift Card or Code.

  3. Tap “You can also enter your code manually.”

  4. Enter the promo code and tap Redeem found in the top right corner of your screen.

The book should appear in your library shortly.

Adore Web Site promo code. 

1. go to the Adore Shop .  Click the product you'd like to purchase. 

2. In the Checkout Screen on the left you will see an area to enter "promo code".

3. Enter and check out. A PDF is available immediately to download as well as emailed to you via link and good for 7 days from purchase. 

You may want to be a able to page flip side to side instead of scroll the magazine. For this feature on iOS you can do the following. 

Uploading to Ibooks for page flipping 

1. Go to iBooks 

2. Click "File" 

3. Click "add to library" 

4. select the pdf file to import to iBooks library for easy page flipping and viewing. 

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