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Personal and Professional Brand & Marketing Consulting

Kat's extensive background in professionally certified styling and sales give her the necessary insight and experience to help others identify and refine their professional product /services and/or personal image. She primarily works with small businesses, hospitality venues, and lifestyle influencers.

Kat will help you turn your vision into a reality that is every bit the essence of who you are, what you do, and how you want to present it to the world. 

Consulting: About
Consulting: Services
Let's take you, your brand and/or your product
from mystery to Luxury...

Who Needs Type of Service? 

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Service Based Businesses 

Event Planners, Florists, Coaches, Financial Planners, Interior Designers , Stylists, Wellness Businesses, and more.  


Boutiques and Stores 

freestanding storefronts  and online

Hand Drawing

Designers and Makers 

Apparel, Jewelry, Home Goods, Lifestyle Products 





Those that market products and services to larger audiences through trade shows, virtual events, fashion shows, workshops, social media audiences. 

Fashion Sketch

Professional Styling

Together we will set your goals and create a blueprint for bringing your service, product, event, or your business to life.


We will utilize tools such as



*Sales techniques

*AND merchandising magic!

that will reach your ideal customers in a way that makes them say "yes, please!" and you living a life of "yes" too!


Personal Styling

Does your style need a pick me up? 

Whether it be for fun or for your professional life you can't convey a wonderful message of how you feel unless your style says it.


That's right.. you wear your feelings on the outside. 

You Are Your Brand 
KatMinksDesign200822 - 004.JPG

Your Clients Need You & Your Brand Through the Five Senses

People react or buy according to how they feel. 

Let's create a story that is the essence of who you or your brand are. 

How will someone experience and relate to you and/or your product?


We do that using different facets of the five senses. 

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