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Brand & Marketing Consulting

Adore's extensive background in professionally certified styling and sales give the necessary insight and experience to help others identify and refine their professional product /services and/or personal image. She primarily works with small businesses, hospitality venues, and lifestyle products.

Adore will help you turn your vision into a reality that is every bit the essence of who you are, what you do, and how you want to present it to the world. 

Consulting: About
Consulting: Services
Let's take your brand and/or your product
from mystery to luxury.

Who Needs Type of Service? 

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Service Based Businesses 

Event Planners, Coaches, Financial Planners, Interior Designers , Stylists, Wellness Businesses, Political Candidate.


Boutiques and Stores 

Freestanding storefronts  and online

Hand Drawing

Designers and Makers 

Apparel, Jewelry, Home Goods, Lifestyle Products 

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Hospitality Venues & Travel 

Hotels, Air Bnb's, Caterers, and hospitality professionals 


Together we will set your goals and create a blueprint for bringing your service, product, event, or your business to life.


We will utilize tools such as

*Marketing Evaluations 



*Sales techniques

*AND merchandising magic!

that will reach your ideal customers in a way that makes them say "yes, please!" and you living a life of "yes" too!

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Your Clients Need You & Your Brand Through the Five Senses

People react or buy according to how they feel. 

Let's create a story that is the essence of who you or your brand are. 

How will someone experience and relate to you and/or your product?


We do that using different facets of the five senses including events and marketing pieces.

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