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Balloon  Decor and Garlands 

Make a big impact with a balloon installation!

We offer a wide variety of color options as well as LED light up balloons

5, 9, 12 and 20 inch balloons. Pre order required.  

Local delivery available.  

*Limited time free  delivery within 10 miles of Bloomington MN. 


Standard 10 foot garland

Garlands start at 10 feet for $225 

each additional foot is $15

Premium Garland

Premium Garlands are wider and have 2 20 inch balloons included 

$325 per 10 feet 

each additional foot is $35

silver balloon garland.jpeg


5 foot column $70

8 foot column $110

Balloon Bunch Tabletop 

Includes stand rental 

12, 5 and 9 inch inch balloons. starts at $30 per bunch. about 24 inches high. 

Upgrade for larger balloons and taller pieces available upon request.

silver balloon garland.jpeg
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