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Covid-19 Wedding Trends

So many people are not sure where to start when it comes to planning any type of event but what about the event that kicks off your new adventure with your mate?

We break down the top Covid-19 gathering trends. For even more tips subscribe to our newsletter and see our previous posts on safe celebrations and gathering as well as making any milestone beautiful along with the memorable relationships that you are honoring.

1) Home and Outdoor Weddings

For quite some time venues were not even allowed to open in some states. This has had the venue community reeling and suffering pretty hard. But they do also understand poeple's need to be safe. We know of some venues that asked couples to move their wedding to 2021 so they wouldn't have to worry so much.

Some couples initially thought hosting a home bound wedding meant they could get away with more. But like our previous post about party food service ( and 5 steps for covid gatherings ( Having that train of thought not only is dangerous for you and your guests but also in some states comes with a heavy price tag of fines if a large group of your guests are traced back to having contracted Covid at your celebration. Whether you are planning a smaller celebration at a private home or an outdoor venue, making sure things are cleaned, vendors ( photog, florist, videographer, makeup artist, etc) are clear on expectations of your event. As well as having that welcome person that is removed from the family to in some ways be leader for your group and help them to be safe. Think of an additional duty of your event professional to be a spokes person at your event for safety and fun.

"Follow state guidelines and if you are not well versed or are nervous in any way on how to pull off a safe celebration ( even for small groups) contact a wedding and event planning professional in your area to not just help you execute safety measures and monitor other vendors and guests before during and after your celebration."

2) Natural Elements in every way is soothing to the soul and good for you.

Everyone has an interest in staying healthy more than ever before. Not only do couples want their wedding to be safer outdoors, but they also are doing everything eu natural. Inside or out, couples want the soothing feeling that natural tones and elements give to their events.

3) Small plate meal with unique or colorful herb or edible floral garishes.

Making small servings and varieties of food fun for your guests is a great way to encourage conversation instead of a big meal where people feel full and "roll themselves" home in a car.

4) Rosemary and lavender sprigs in bouquets, and even signature scents diffused into a room.

Oils and scents are huge right now. Again with the idea of them being from natural elements. So try things that are light, subdued, or could be used in a food to scent your event and your bouquet.

5) Herb, Lemon, Ginger, and Lavender Cocktails.

With smaller groups having very unique cocktails and even trained mixologists is a great way to have fun and make it an element to your meal.

5) Plant and Living walls

Who doesn't love the soothing sight of greenery? This freshness is often a focal point. A great idea to also consider is using a moss or plant wall to a self serve option for signature drinks and apps.

6) Non Linen Tables and Small Seating Arrangements

For obvious ocean reasons this is a much safer and easy to clean throughout an event.

Being able to have a cleaning or catering staff come through your event several times to wipe hard surfaces as people mingle is so key to keeping things safe.

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Check out the Volume 4 for 2021 color tips and trends for both events and home.

If you are looking for a seasoned event professional ( no matter what location) and guide contact event designer Kat Minks/contact.


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