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An Inauguration Celebration in a Style to Remember.

No matter what side of the fence you may be on, style and celebrations are unifying.

Jan 20 21 is an important day in America. This Inauguration may not be completely the same but just like every other celebration for the last year since Covid arrived in our lives, there was a way found through gathering, fashion, and music to celebrate a new beginning to the country.

In reviewing the events many can take a page from the planning, the strategic placement of people, decor, style, entertainment, and ceremony. Everything planned, evaluated by experts to "get it right". It is interesting to review how this Inauguration differs from years past and how they are making the most of the opportunities to safely celebrate. Read on for more.


The Presidential and Vice Presidential Inauguration

One of the most beautiful, impactful design elements was the American Flags lining the Capital outer walls around the stage and podium where the ceremonies ocurred.

Although the set up and the impact of the ceremony was there, the Inauguration itself is pulled back from its initial form. There was no luncheon meal after ceremony. Instead of 200,000 people lining the mall leading up to Capital and a parade, American flags line the mall where years past people of America stood in excitement to grab glimpses of pomp and circumstance.

Ex Presidents, Congress, Representatives, Senate, and Supreme Court Judges all bundled (in their standard dark, strong colors) on the steps of the Capital while snow flakes gently fell demising before hitting a royal blue carpet. You know, the fashion plate, Michelle Obama did not disappoint! In a plum pantsuit the jewel tone added to the parade of color on the blue carpet and certainly stood out.

A star studded Inauguration ceremony with Garth Brooks, Jennifer Lopez ( all in crisp white and wavy hair). Of course, the ever decked out Lady Gaga. Both Brooks and Lopez who during their time on the podium paused to encourage unity. Lopez saying in Spanish "let's get loud". Indeed you know who looked as though she was getting loud and attending the Inaugural Ball ( which cannot happen this year due to virus concerns).

Gaga glided through dignitaries and officials to the stage set for her to sing the National Anthem which she did proudly in a cherry Red ball skirt and black fitted jacket. Surely planned to stand out against the royal blue carpet beneath her as cameras panned overhead and around. You could tell, everyone in attendance standing by, deeply moved by her contribution. In any case I’m sure her attire chosen specifically because this is “the party”. There wasn’t going to be a bigger one for President Biden therefore an opportunity presented itself and I know I loved it!

After Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn into their offices performances from Jennifer Lopez and Garth Books along with a reading by Amanda Gorman (National Youth Poet Laureate) clad in a bright yellow and cheerful yet strong jacket as strong as the words she delivered. Gold earrings gifted to her from Oprah Winfrey especially for the occasion. Her words make you want to hire a speech writer ( yes that actually exists for events and weddings) for any celebration as an impactful piece of entertainment.

Afterwards the Vice President Harris bid farewell to Pence. Biden and Harris stood on the steps of for the Pass and Review a time honored tradition where the military marches past the newly sworn President and Vice President as their spouses stand by. This usually gives a perspective of the couples as they are honored by Military and cameras pan by. Dr Jill Biden in an aqua blue coat and matching aqua mask ( see our style guide in both the current issue of Adore Magazine and in our store for this color spotlight) and Vice President Harris in a Bright Violet tone coat and matching mask.

Could this be a precursor to the fashion choices we will see by the Vice President and First Lady moving forward? Bright and happy tones encouraging unity and calm. Also a prediction, strong lines and simple yet soft, comfortable textural style that has been seen in American fashion more and more the last year.

The day may be pulled back in some ways but emotion was palatable and that is what any celebration or event should showcase. So if you can take a page from the essence of this celebration for your own hopeful celebrations and style, you can certainly say that good and joyful emotion can be drawn out of any circumstance in style.

For information on how to make your celebrations and style special check out Adore Magazine and it's publisher Kat Minks ( Kat Minks Design) . If you are interested in learning ,ore about becoming an event planner check out her Business By Design course!



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