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Now's your time

What do you want to be known for?

Families are changing their whole dynamic on who is home and home schooling many are re-evaluating what is important to them. What their dreams are and their goals individually and how that fits into life now. There's a lot at risk with covid and when faced with something that can determine your ongoing health or life, you are forced to look at what you love.

Is there something you always wanted to learn?

There's a course for that! From Event planning to Creating a Youtube Home Fitness Business there is a class for everything. Just remember that you can take all of the classes you want to but it will never

Have you always wanted to be your own boss?

Do you have something in your heart that you always felt "at the right time I'm going to do what I love because I know my purpose is ________". If there's one thing Covid has shown us it's this.

It's fantastic to have a burden of belief of a dream. So making that come true may be the next step.

How is it that you do that?

Whether you already started planting your dream "seed" years ago or are beginning to open the seed packet, You may want to start with two things.

1) What sets you apart?

What problem are you solving that no one else in your industry is? Do you know?

You are you first and foremost so even if you produce or provide something that a lot of other people do, how can you emphasize how you do it and why you authentically do it?

*Branding - Think about how your logo and colors make people feel.

*Images - Do the images you provide on your social make your customer say something like:

  • " hey I love that!,

  • " hey I want to do that!"

  • * "that is so me"

* Authenticity - There is nothing worse than sitting in a virtual networking meeting and having someone talk about what they do and not be REAL with people that are looking for them to be. People need to know that you struggled, had pipe dreams, a passion for...etc.. too and that's why you started doing what you are doing. If other business owners can't hear your message, how can you expect the general public to?

2) The promise of what you deliver.

You can say I will do _____- for you ( the you is your customer) . Unless you have an underlaying promise of passion for what you do and why you began doing it, you may never get your product or service off of the ground.

Honesty is like a hug to who you trying to delivery your message to and the message has to be delivered in images and not so many words.

So using a statement like " I won't stop producing Adore Magazine because people need to know there is a lot to celebrate".

"Passion is your words and images is the love letter to your customer."

- Kat Minks

To consult with Kat on your product, service or event today.

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