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Want to Learn to plan weddings and events?

Maybe you have been thinking about opening a planning company and not exactly sure what to do first. Maybe you have a planning company and you don't really know how to direct your focus, control your work load efficiently, or how to build your sales.

In a world where you can literally Google or Youtube just about anything (including an intro to this workshop) you wonder "what are you missing"? According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for meeting and event planners is expected to grow at a rate of 11% from 2016 to 2026. Compared to the total expected growth of 7%, event planners appear to have a bright future ahead of them on the job market. However only a bright future if you pull off events with the right tools that get customers referring you. So "how do you do that" you ask?

After working in the industry (and in various sectors of it) I gained a lot of knowledge and, yes, I made mistakes too. However through it all I found as the market changes and people will never stop celebrating milestones, their products, or themselves more and more planners are opening their doors because there are more and more celebrations to be had. There is a style and a someone for every type of client and you just need to hone your skill to find yours without dumbing your own knowledge down.

So in this workshop I will share my knowledge received from working in the forefront of my own events ( Both large and small, corporate/ business and social- birthdays showers, weddings, etc...). You will also receive my knowledge from working in other areas of the industry behind the scenes ( catering sales, hotel sales, wedding retail, and more). In order to do your job well you need to know how all of those pieces you have no control of work.

  1. The difference between event, wedding planning, and coordination. What services /packages you should be offering according to what your interest is.

  2. Thinking like your clients. How to develop and attract the clients you want.

  3. Setting processes after clients contact you. Ways to automate the way you do business without going broke.

  4. What are important clauses you should have in a booking agreement.

  5. How to style to get results you can use in your gallery for submissions and social media.

  6. Simple design "on the fly". Easy ways to create a centerpiece, backdrop, boutonnières, cake topper. Cutting a cake, making sure flowers don't die, getting stains out, etc)

  7. Common mistakes that can be avoided with the right tools.

  8. How to vet your vendors that you work with.

  9. Establishing how you get paid and how your vendors get paid.



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