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How Many Lipsticks in Your Purse?

We all know one of the funnest go to bridal shower or baby shower games is "what's in your purse?" Where a list of items is read off and if you have all of the items you win a prize. Most of the time everyone that participates has five or more lipsticks in their purse. Well just like a bouquet and garter toss is leaving weddings as a fun activity so are shower games. Parties and showers are increasingly becoming an event where people have more fun doing things together than playing a game and winning prizes. When looking for fun activities for a shower event I planned for a client I came across this one. I thought it would be the perfect to share with you on #nationalcrayonday

Once guests were finished with their lunch they headed over to a station that I pre prepped with several boxes of crayons. (I would only use crayola or another "non toxic" brand). Keep in mind you are not using entire crayons, you are using pieces mixed with oils to create this diy. What you need: 1) Non toxic Crayons 2) Jojoba oil or coconut oil (or both) - Additionally you can add these ingredients as well. All are conditioning oils that are fine to ingest and are commonly found in chapstick and lip balm. -Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil,  -Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E -Aloe Vera 3) Chapstick or lip gloss containers (sephora has these but I purchased mine here 4) Aluminum measuring cups 5) Unscented Candles in glass containers - alternatively a electric wax warmer like this scentsy one or this one on amazon would work also. 6) wooden stir sticks *If you want to get fancy you can order chapstick and lipstick containers & a filling tray from the apothecary store above. Let's Play! Set up the ingredients on a "beauty station" where each guest can melt the crayon shavings ( it you have time to pre grate - using a cheese grater) the crayons prior to the gathering this will help things move along) . Otherwise guests can break of pieces as well. Have guests put their wax colors into the metal measuring cup with their selected oils and hold over a lit candle or the cup of the wax warmer to heat ingredients together.

When color is melted ( you may have to agitate it with a stick or small spoon to mix) and pour into containers. Let cool and let guests try their creations.

Once guests apply their creations it's fun to have them kiss a canvas as piece of art to give to the guest of honor to hang on her wall so she can remember all who love her. This way the guests takeaway something and so does the guest of honor.

If you try this DIY let us know or post a pic and tag us! Subscribe up top to our mailing list and look for full details of this event in the upcoming issue of Adore Magazine. - Don't forget to go to click the subscribe at the top of this page for diys sent to your inbox. AND check Event & Floral Designer Kat Minks for your next event! - Some will say that even trace amounts of lead have been found in crayons. This is also true of the makeup we buy and use every day. I have researched this as I am conscience about contaminants and found that most makeup we use every day has higher levels that what would be found in an entire crayon and the amount you are using in this DIY is miniscule in comparison to what is found in a standard lipstick sold in drug stores. - if you would like to research this I found my info on these sites. and and and



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