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Come Sit By Me

Planning Party & Entertaining can be a challenge on its own but now you have to think of where people will sit.

Owner Party And Event Design Company Kat Minks Especially if you are entertaining or throwing a party in your own home. However the trend of bringing comfortable seating that transforms an event space continues on and is bigger and more fun than ever. Therefore home design trends are influencing the way people plan their larger events as well when it comes to seating. I have a fun easy, tip (potentially no sew tip) to transform even the ugliest or simple seating into elegant chairs for your event or home. what you’ll need 1) an ottoman (can be round or square) 2) jersey knot cotton blend fabric with stretch. Measurement will depend on size of furniture. 3) scissors that’s it! - if you have to see your jersey or cotton stretch fabric you will do so the long way making a tube prior to this project. 1) measure your ottoman

2) Measure your fabric to be the width+ 1/2 of one side of your cube For example cube 1 side 16.5 inches square. My fabric is 26 wide inches x 2 = 52 if your fabric doesn’t come in a tube already you will need to sew it to be that way. Using only 1-1.5 inches for the seam allowance.

3) Then you will put over ottoman like putting a sock over it. Watch video for instruction. 4) You will cut cut a strip to make a string to tie it 5) Once you measure sure how tall your ottoman is so you know how much fabric you need you will trim off excess. grasp the top of fabric over ottoman to form a sort of gather and mark once you have reached desired tufted/ gathered effect 6) take fabric off of ottoman and turn inside out. Tie off what you need Where you marked it to gather .

7) turn cover right side out again and put back on ottoman.

8) ta dah!



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