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Why Vendors Do Style Shoots

Recently a client asked me about some photos they saw of a style shoot I did. She asked me why vendors do these.

Good Question!! Below are the answers to why vendors do these.

What is a Style Shoot?

Is a photo shoot that a group of vendors ( designers, wardrobe stylists, florists, stylists, caterers, rental companies, prop companies, photographers, models, stationary artists, bakers, makeup artists, and hair stylists) donate their time and product or service for and produce images for either marketing purposes and or publishing to a magazine or blog.

Usually the vendors involved are new to working together and are testing out the waters or a group that likes to work together and are trying to present a look for marketing themselves as a group.

These shoots give the vendors involved the artistic freedom to really show their talents in photographs or film to potential clients.

What does it cost each vendor to do these?

It can cost a vendor anywhere from $100 - $10,000. It depends on what the vendor is offering. For example my day rate for styling starts at $700 per day but there is also prep involved for weeks or days prior to a shoot. Plus the product. Sometimes product is not loaned and I have to buy the product used in the shoot. Same goes for each vendor. For sure it can be the most costly for a caterer, baker, or florist if product is not donated by the vendors they get their food or flowers from.

How Many Style Shoots Do You Do A Year?

I do a bout 2- 3 style shoots a year. I try to showcase all or sometimes just specific areas of expertise.

What are some ways the average person can benefit from a shoot?

A lot of the time photographers are looking for real couples for bridal shoots. So if you don't like your actual wedding photos, it's a good way to get new ones. Also a great way to test out photographers and other vendors before you get married and hire one for your wedding.

Does doing a style shoot mean that the photos will get published?

This depends. I know some blogs that hold their own shoots and publish it and market it for their blogs. Other times photographers and other vendors that participated in the shoot submit to actual well known magazines and blog sites for publication. Some times the shoot does not get picked up by a publication at all or not until much later after the shoot. The reason is photographers need to edit the images before they can be submitted. A story, title, and pitch needs to be written to each publication for submission and this can take months. Then the publication has to put it in their schedule which can be anywhere 6 weeks to 4 months out.

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