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Who Needs a Board When you Have a Whole Table? Get Ready for Entertaining With A Charcuterie Table

It’s become increasingly more popular throughout the years the ultimate charcuterie board. We did a feature on this in the Premier Issue of ADORE MAGAZINE and even since then it has evolved even more. (Still very good tips though and worth checking out here)

With charcuterie you have a beautiful buffet and guests can choose what they love. Often a charcuterie can serve as a “wow” centerpiece to a party, dinner party, even a wedding!

So we break it down and help you make your charcuterie the best anyone has ever seen!

What is Charcuterie?




noun: charcuterie

  1. cold cooked meats collectively.

    • a store selling cold cooked meats.plural noun: charcuteries

What else is on there?

However a beautiful charcuterie display is made of more than just meats. Fruits, Vegetables (both fresh and pickled), cheese, crackers. Now nuts, edible florals, artisan breads, and mini displays of dips and sauces like a display within the larger aspect is becoming popular.

Want to add something even more fun? Add on a toast bar where various toasted and sliced breads and spreads ( avacado bacon, egg salad, did berry jams, etc) are available with different spreads and jams.

Some ideas for this could be

A pistachio butter

A herb butter

An almond butter

Flavored Olive Oils

Fig Jam

Fresh Rhubarb Jam

Choke Cherry Jelly


You know our middle name is accessible celebrations and style. The great thing about charcuterie is you can set it up just about anywhere ! Yes even in the middle of a park! Kat Minks ( Publisher of Adore magazine) actually offers a charcuterie experience as part of her Signature Event design of Pretty Picnics.

“What is required for a charcuterie ,to be appeasing to anyone, holds up in just about any climate and every crowd” young or mature. Along with that it can be the appetizer or the meal.

- Kat Minks ( Kat Minks Design / Adore Magazine)

Pairing your charcuterie with the perfect beverages.

This doesn’t have to be a huge thought process.

Champagne in it’s effervescence always pairs well with the creaminess of cheeses and breads. Red wines will compliment the meats you have displayed.

Consider local ciders and even whisky as a great pairing with the breads, meats and cheeses as well.

Don't Forget the cute plates!

If you have a grazing area you still need small plates to "load up" on the goodness. Where can you fin them? Elegant or trendy... Everywhere! Rentals or disposables can be found in so many great places. One of them is right on the Adore shop!

For all things about living a stylishly and accessibly with those you love, grab copy of Adore magazine. If you are planning your next event checkout the signature celebrations Adore Productions has to offer.


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