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Wedding & Event Floral Trends for 2016/ 2017

It seems every day brides are looking for flower alternatives for their wedding. Not only things to use in place of flowers but also a veering away from a traditional bouquet.

Some of our favorites are here!

Bible Bouquets

Years ago there was a beautiful unique wedding celebrity wedding where the bride donned a bible in lieu of a bouquet. Now the marriage may not have lasted, but I can honestly say that this is one of the most under used floral/ bouquet trends even today and is one of the most elegant and stately to do.

- Brooch Bible bouquet available for rent through Adore and Designed by Adore Productions.

Gwen Stefani's bouquet was just as elegant as Grace Kelly's of Monaco.

Paper Flowers

Adore received the amazing opportunity to create this statement maker just last weekend! I can't tell you how many compliments it received. It's a work of art! Be warned if this is a DIY you plan to tackle yourself, it is not for everyone as the frame must be very sturdy to hold the weight and the flowers take hours upon hours to make. But it truly is less money than the large floral wall that Kim Kardashian had at her wedding to Kanye.

Adore offers this in custom and for rental too! The one shown has linen curtains and about 35 flowers.

Messy Bouquets & Centerpieces

Having the finished but unfinished wedding seems to be the one that 80% of brides are going after in every section of the country. Looking elegant but not fussy. This bouquet is certainly breathtaking with all of the texture and color along with placement of flowers.

Real Silks- Reuse Florals

Wedding in Nov or Dec? No problem! Lots of brides are jumping on the consignment band wagon before and after their wedding therefore are able to get and utilize real touch silks to create an amazing look that your guests would never have guessed were unreal if they never touched them.

- Florals pictured below are part of Adore Productions rental stock.

Home Elements In Decor

Do you have great decor in your home that you spent hours shopping for? Maybe you should use it for your wedding. The idea of a wedding is to make your guests feel at home anyways right? Treat it like the huge dinner party in the "mansion" you always dreamed of as a little girl!

This bride nearly cleared out her home and it was a look that was not only eclectic but award winning. You and your wedding designer can also source many items like this and use in your home after the wedding. Happy wedding present to you!


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