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Unique Wedding Venues in Minnesota

Once you have in your mind your bridal style you can begin to envision the style of wedding venue that suits it.

There are a lot of options to choose from and it merely depends on how you can close your eyes and see yourself walking down that aisle. Adore Productions helps you find that perfect venue as part of our planning service by taking into account your style, vision, and budget.


A religious or spiritual ceremony can happen in just about any place. So don't let yourself be confined to a church ceremony. Some churches are gorgeous and may just be what you're looking for but certain props or items found at a church (crosses, pulpit, pews) can be brought into a space or area of your liking.

One of my ultimate favorite places in the twin cities that I think so many are scared to do because it's outside but is so so beautiful is The Lyndale Rose Garden in Minneapolis. This breathtaking garden is everything a bride can dream of and all of the flowers you could possibly want at your wedding without spending a fortune getting them. Peaceful large Fountains, many varieties of flowers, concrete walk ways run through this picturesque location right next to Lake Harriet.

Another out of the Box ceremony location is the Cowles Pavilion and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden placed in the perfect location of Minneapolis to have the sky scrapers in your backdrop. Modern Elegant Crispness of this venue will leave you a focal point amongst sheer beauty.

Both Venues can be rented by contacting Minneapolis Parks. Mansions There has been a historic venue boom in Minneapolis and many older mansions in the last 10 -12 years have been renovated. Some renovated just as newly as last year as well. My First pick for newly renovated ballrooms is The Blaisdell. This venue has actually just finished their renovation and completely an entirely modern ballroom in the middle of a classic Minneapolis historic home.