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Trend Report for Home, Fashion, and Event Decor

Many people ask why I offer a spectrum of services in both styling events, and fashion styling. This is why.

Fashion has been a long time influencer on home decor and on event decor. If you want to have the the most unique and fresh ideas for your home or event then you must only look at the fashion trend report for that season or the season ahead when your event is scheduled for. Some forecasters say that there used to be a 6 year lag between fashion and decor. Because we are all moving at a faster pace this is no longer the case. Now there might be a 1 season lag if any at all. If you recall I wrote a post about a bride I worked with that nearly cleared out her home of decor to outfit her event at a venue. You need not look far to find the perfect something to make your style home or event stand out.

Photo by Kat Minks Adore Productions

Examples of Fashion Trends Translating to Home

and Event Decor

Notice the antler and fairy lights in globes as well as the wood elements. Also feathers and looser floral arrangements in this pic. If you look cloesly you can see the damask mixed with sleek fabrics.

The trend in home and fashion was and still is this style. Everyone is using wood and unfinished wood elements in their home. This came from a fashion trend of earthy tribal elements on the fashion runway.

photo by Troy Kivel Pixel Posey Styling by Kat Minks Adore Productions

Notice the weathered buffet look at this event space. If you are a fan of the show Fixer Upper or Joanna Gains you probably already have a piece like this or have seen them in your local furniture store.

a vintage weathered buffet for an event at a barn

photo by Mariah Mac Studios - Styling by Kat Minks / Adore Productions

Are you looking for something to make your fall/ winter event or home decor stand out?

Lets look at the trend forecast for the season we are coming into and then the season ahead of us. You can use these inspirations in your everyday look, your home decor, your event decor or your evening wear or wedding style.

According to the trend report for Fall 2017

we should be expecting to see and use :

The Color RED and Khaki ( look out Target!)

Vintage Inspired Everything!

Military prints, fabrics and button detail

Beige Colored Fur

Metal Studded Fabrics (think lady gaga or david bowie boots)

70's plaid



Tapestry Fabrics

Simplicity of black and white

Flannel ( especially red flannel) - Think Axl Rose

You can see pics from the runway here:

feather head piece with vintage lace dress

According to the trend report for Spring 2018 we should be looking for:

Paper like fabrics

Japanese inspired fabrics


Feng Shui

Continuation of 70's plaid


70's colors ( burnt oranges, browns, greens, pale blues)

70's shapes ( skirt lengths, glasses, popular items like owls, etc)

Crisp Cotton

photo by Elie Saab

See more here:

photo by Expressing your truth blog

If you have questions on how to incorporate the latest trends into your everyday or wedding style/ look or event decor contact me directly and set up a complimentary consult here.


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