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Wedding Planning Blues Got You Down?

Never fear a wedding planning pop up event and showcase is here!

In world where we see even David's Bridal is filing for bankruptcy, wedding planning can put a bride, a groom, and their families into a sheer panic. How do you make it all fit together? How do you pay for a venue that suits your couple style that is just right and feel good about it?

How do you feed all of the guests you want there without feeling like you will get a snarky remark from an aunt or run out of food?

What is the latest wedding trend that you can easily apply to your own style?

We will be giving you a taste of tips and touch on all of these topics and more at The Brides on the Go Wedding Planning Workshop and Pop up on Sunday Sept 24th at Nine Mile Brewery in Bloomington Mn.

The event will feature something for every kind of bride but is geared to help brides and couples find accessible solutions to wedding planning whether that be on their own entirely or with the help of a few different vendors.

Brides on the Go is an event that Adore has not been held for years. However with inflation, sustainability, the changing landscape of how couples get married, and with a growing interest in Wedding Coordination or Coordinators, ADORE founder (Kat Minks) felt it was time to make a new installment with a refresh to the entire event.


You see, the initial Brides on the Go event was created on the West coast initially so that Brides and Couples could interview and meet a plethora of Wedding Planners and Coordinators. Founder Kat Minks says "Planners and Coordinators generally charge similar fees. They may structure them differently at times but mainly couples do hire whom they feel they are the most comfortable with". This Brides on the Go installment will not have the "speed dating your wedding planner" element introduced ...yet. However this Spring "BOTG" event will be a part of many ADORE MAGAZINE is hosting yet this year to encourage accessible celebrations, weddings being one of the major focuses of those events.

This particular event will be hosted by ADORE ( A CELEBRATION AND LIFESTYLE PUBLICATION) and Adore Productions owner, Kat Minks. Giving couples tips on a few big wedding planning topics ( style, budget, insider info) as well as a vendor pop "shopping" event held in a great space to host any type of wedding or wedding related event ( bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, bachelor party, etc)

wedding planning, wedding planner, wedding budget, wedding vendor
Photos from one of the initial Brides on the Go events

To register for the event you can go to the link here and use Code BOTGSPRING to have a chance to receive one of the limited number of complimentary tickets.

Even if you are not lucky enough to snag a complimentary ticket, the information that the 20 year wedding and event designer veteran shares and event in itself will be well worth the nominal registration fee.

For more information about Adore Magazine or Adore Productions events and hospitality marketing services go to and sign up to receive info or check out more events at


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