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Tie The Knot Forecast - 3 Fun Tips of Whats Trending for your Chicest Soiree!

Ok so if you're newly engaged maybe you're just starting to get an idea that tying the knot in todays pandemic ridden world is a tad tricky and takes finesse, great guidance, and a spectacular wedding planning guru and resources.

If you decided to elope and do the wedding you initially thought you were having this year... this is for you too.

Just like wardrobe style, wedding style changes all of the time. From your wedding dress to the food and napkin your guests wipe their mouth with there is a reason the wedding industry is worth $72 Billion in the U.S. alone. Your dollars are precious. Not just to you but to the hard hit wedding industry in 2020 and moving forward into 2021.

So we thought we'd give you some great ideas for wedding planning in the upcoming 12 - 18 months.

Food is an integral part of lots of events. Unfortunately a lot of those that went forward with their wedding in 2020 didn't even get to have food at the wedding. With schools going back in session and people starting to eat out at restaurants as they have created outdoor havens like the streets lined with elegant dining tents in NYC and all over the country.

We still say having easily accessible options where guests don't have to touch and serving utensils or anything but their own plate is the safest way to have a meal.

1) Small Plate Feast

Think about your standard wedding meal dinner plate broken out into sections and served on one time use plates or disposable china. Some ( if you're not a foodie) may think " that is just too fancy for me". But it doesn't have to be. For example, you can do a single appetizer size serving with fun homemade bbq and home made potato chip, and pair with a tasting size local beer from local brewery. On the next plate poutine ( which goes great with BBQ!). Or if you wanted to get out of the comfort food realm you could try healthier fair like a two bite shrimp tempura salad.

How do you display several options? There are a couple ways.

*A station with a masked/ gloved server handing the food ( could even be from behind a plexiglass. See our post with more about serving . A great idea is to ask your venue or rent horse shie style tables that allow for a table to "wrap" around the server. Alternatively a set of 3 bars and Plexiglas will work also

* Masked/ Gloved Server brings food to guests on rolling bar cart

* A self serve food wall with attendant to replenish. This is also a very highly instragrammable decor element to the party.

2) Eco friendly fashion in the form of a Fantastic Wedding Dress that you can use in your wardrobe for every day!

Who wouldn't want to feel like a bride every day.. right?

With a lot of people pivoting their wedding party plans ready to wear, off the racked made to order is a fantastic way to get a gorgeous piece that you can not only treasure but Rock with your everyday clothes. Recently Adore Magazine featured wedding gown designs from Fern and Moon . Not only are their designs comfortable but they also offer an element that every style savvy bride will love! Their two piece creations allow for you to wear your dress at the wedding then use elements of it with your pencil skirts, a line skirts, joggers, jeans, and more! ( Grab the volume 4 edition of Adore magazine here to see the full gorgeous spread!)

The other element that this style of dressing carries is it's an investment piece in your wardrobe like the Manolos that you know you will wear season after season. For those that are family planning when they get married and are looking for a new home you may not want to go out and spend $10,000 to $20,000 on a dress alone. This gives a chic option for a bride that loves any style, at any age, and at any size.

Additionally non traditional looking dresses are on the rise as so many look to something very cheery and no longer following the rules when it comes to being a bride. Being elegant on your wedding day is more about being the best version of you rather than like a princess per say.

3) Pitch a tent

As referenced earlier in this post tents are nothing new but what people are creating with them and in them and putting them just about anywhere and everywhere.

Great things to remember is if you're planning to do a tent on grass or any surface make sure there is drainage. If on grass it's a great idea to have a subfloor and astroturf laid down before setting up the tent.

Have a separate tents for food service prep, getting ready or dressing, that is away from dining and guest tent.

And have great lighting & heaters installed in the tent for when the evening comes.

Making sure your guests are comfortable is key but making the tent feel welcoming and warm with lighting creates a dramatic and gorgeous atmosphere.

For more event tips and tricks check out Adore Magazine and get your copy today! ( or on the Apple iTunes ibook Store


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