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The Styled Bride

Styling Kat Minks Adore Productions

Top: Victorias Secret Boustier

Tulle Skirt: Custom by Kat Minks @ Adore Productions llc

Necklace: Found on

Belt: No Designer

Mamkeup and Hair: Adore Productions

Each bride has their own vison and style of how they want to look on their wedding day and all are very unique to the person. You and most brides picture this from the first time they develop their own personal style. Heck, I started my vision of my own bridal look from the first time Peaches and Cream Barbie came out! However, In my years of working with women in couture bridal and as a planner the one thing that interlaces these women together is that all of them have body issues and view themselves, to some degree or another, as lacking in some department. I hear " I want to cover my arms" or "How many pairs of spanx can I wear and not draw attention to my legs". Often making a mistake on not selecting the dress they really love or finding the dress they really love because they don't see what others see. Our images of ourselves are so distorted and sme women don't even feel it's possible to look like they stepped out of a magazine on their wedding day. Yet the pressure in the way we look, especially on our wedding day, is greater than ever before.

Pictured Ivory Romona Keveza Dress, Vera Wang Sash

Hair and Makeup Becky Grover

Styling Kat Minks Adore Productions

This is where I knew I could help brides and their are now bridal stylists everywhere that are doing what is so needed out there for women. A Bridal Fashion Stylist helps you find the dress that you really want. Her help is not persuaded by a commision or lack of experience in body type that you may find at a run of the mill salon. A stylist also makes it her business to know the hottest trends in fashion, beauty, and slimming tricks so if you are having hopes of possibly getting your wedding featured on a blog or magazine it's good to have a stylist to not just pick out your dress but the amazing shoes and accessories to go with it. On top of that a stylist knows where to go to get unique pieces and has the connections to guide you to.

Helping you with your bridal party's attire is a wonderful added bonus. Often brides get overwhlmed with styling all of the body types that the bridal party has. I can't tell you how many bridesmaids I've seen actually change out of their dresses right after a ceremony because they felt "ugly" or uncomfortable in it.

Dresses Pictured Above: Express

Beauty Viva Voce Salon

Styling Kat Minks Adore Productions

The bride's dress is what sets the tone for all of the other design elements of a wedding. A copy of a lace pattern on a cake. Ruffled chair coverings to match a ruffle on a gown. The list goes on and on as to how you can incorpoate dress detail into wedding detail.

Gown Pictured Above: Romona Keveza

Necklace: Adore Productions

Headpiece: Kat Minks Adore Productions

Hair & Makeup: Viva Voce Salon

Styling Kat Minks Adore Productions

As a stylist I also keep a plethora of timeless style options on hand for my clients to rent for their events.

Tips fore selcting one of a kind accessories and adding detail to your wedding add to your wedding style.

1) Shop vintage stores. The best earrings and bracelets can be found to top off your look.

2) Think about using jewelry as a head piece or on a belt.

3) Buy Satin ribbon wholesale on line for often less than half of what it costs in store or bridal salon.

4) Don't be affraid to have a colored gown that you feel more comforable in. Lots of brides are chosing gold or black for wedding gowns now days.


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