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That #microwedding trend may not be such a bad idea... Navigating wedding planing in health crisis.

A few months ago we wrote about a trend seeing an upswing because a study showed that couples were waiting until later in life to get married. Now days the average wedded age is 33 according to . Now our world is contending with Covid - 19 /A National Emergency and while some would like to pretend it's a simple cold that younger are invincible to, facts show its reach to older groups is very threatening and thus many who attend weddings and can be carried by young and middle aged without knowing it. It's no longer about hand sanitizer and just washing your hands. You can't control If someone coughs on you and since it is air particles that are a huge reason the disease is spread ( hence the recommendation that school children stay 6 ft away from each other) we do have to think about event alternatives when it comes to the virus. 1st idea and most extreme: Postpone wedding and events 6 months to a year out. The virus is said to not be able to survive in warm humid temps however, this is not proven yet. There is not a cover shot like there is a flu shot and that is a year or more away scientist and heath dept officials say. So you could potentially postpone your event much farther out. Know that your vendors contracted will want their payments because this is their livelihood. They schedule their business and life expenses around weddings and events booked. Some think they can just go get insurance and the reality is even if you tried to get insurance now , it's too late as they do not cover illnesses labeled pandemics or National Emergencies.

(Screen shot from Wedsafe insurance web site- Affinity Insurance Services) It seems insurance companies are handling clients that already had insurance and weddings in the spring on a case by case basis. I'm sure it will matter greatly on if the bride and groom are actually sick or immediate family or bridal party. As well as if the Venue or caterer is refusing to do the wedding based on the National Emergency and Pandemic Status. Other things to consider if you reschedule or move forward is: - Have the wedding outdoors. Open air helps prevent transmission along with people keeping their distance from each other. - Opt for a plated meal instead of buffet. As of now in the beginning of this National Emergency I know many hotels that have actually shut down all food and beverage services. Caterers may soon just close up because of the liability of sickening customers.

-If it is an outdoor wedding make sure you rent several hand washing stations from a major rental company. Have hand sanitizer stations as well all over. We even have a previous blog post here on hand sanitizer favors. - Don't cramp your tables! I know you want everyone to fit, but in this instance having people sit very close together and sandwiching them in as I have seen many couples try to do, is not a good idea. Instead of seating 10 to a table try seating 6 so there is a

"safer distance" between guests and they have their own personal space. Second : So we go through the facts of what is a Micro Wedding exactly ? For the time being public health officials are saying that smaller groups of people that you know have not traveled out of state ( and definitely out of the country) we can assume are safe to be around . Therefore you could potentially plan a much smaller affair. A Micro Wedding! A special ceremony and reception that has all of the special touches you would have at your large affair but intimate. Potentially lifting a lot of pressure and nerves off and allowing the two of you to really just be the two of you. This idea also allows you to hold an elegant and very special dinner in a restaurant or event at home where you have control over the cleanliness and who serves, etc...

Thirdly: The Elopement There are many beautiful places around you that would be a wonderful memory to the saying of vows. Later on you can have that wonderful reception. using this or the micro wedding option enables you to utilize the officiant that you may have already hired and some of the flowers and decor, dj, etc) if you decide to have a small or any reception later .

Here are a few beautiful MN places to check out for Micro Weddings or Elopements. Ceremony Spots: Taylors Falls MN Minnehaha Falls MN Lyndale Rose Garden or Fountains at Lake Harriet The Walker Sculpture Garden MN River Valley Wildlife Refuge ( Bloomington) Great places for Smaller Parties 50 or less. Harriet Place ( South Minneapolis) The City View Room at Walker (Minneapolis) Anahata Studio ( Uptown MPLS) Lora Hotel (Stillwater) The Landing Lyndale Peace Gardens Loring Park Hire a professional to help you navigate through the contracts and planning of so many facets in a wedding. Pay attention to news reports and don't take them lightly. It may be your special day but you are hosting the largest party likely of your life. Therefore other people's health and interests must be at the top of your mind when planning you wedding. ( inquire about Kat Minks full service planning to help you find the best event space for your group) As always don't forget to subscribe to our web site to receive tips, diy, and trends!



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