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Styling Every Last Detail

Things apparently have to get really messy before they get really amazing.

This is true in art and in life.

If you are a business owner you already have been diving deep on how to dispel any fears of your clients spending money and if you are a consumer you are spending all of your time researching just about any and everything because you got nuttin but time.

Color theory

Some of the ways I am cutting through the nasty "ick" feelings is keeping things colorful (in every sense of the word) and airy. I'm working with clients on projects both, styling and events, encouraging positivity and coaching (even the previously most upbeat people) through shifting their words, demeanor, and essence to something marketable or appealing. I think it's so important now to remember people want to .

Colors that evoke serenity are white, green, blue, nude, blush. How can you incorporate those in what you are doing? It will not only make the people looking at you or your product feel better it will make you feel good too.

"They may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel"

One of the ways you can make people feel is sincerity. Yes, we are all in our own "bubble" right now but what are ways that you can say "How are you doing?" and "Is there something I can help you with?" ?

Become more clear cut, But soften.

One of the ways I have found to be so beneficial for the market now is put a focus on my offerings so that they are so much more concise.

I think people want to be a little "babied" right now. They want things that make them get the warm fuzzy and feel special. So how can you deliver that with your product or service? How can you deliver that in the way you or your product looks when you are posting your social media, web site, blog, or doing a zoom call?

Have Fun!!

Everyone wants to see how people are using their time and enjoying it to make light of what is going on. I'm helping my clients do this in styling photos, guiding on new products, and helping event clients design events in the future that are not just "clean living" events with extra sanitizer, soap and washing stations, but also in favors and more! Get "punny" and I'm sure you can thing of wonderful ways to make light of a grim and anxiety filled time.

For unique design and styling ideas in your project, your business, event (virtual or in person), or yourself contact me!


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