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Spotlight: Who Founded Mother’s Day?

You may think It just a Hallmark holiday, I’m pretty sure “yo mama” would disagree. The cards, the texts with kiss emojis, and the beautiful plant to commemorate Mother’s Day that you buy or receive are not for nuthin.

Photo credit : Suzi Simonson

Better Together & Jenica Jewelry

If I told you it was actually a charitable organization Called the F.O.E. or The Faternal Order of the Eagles, made up of mostly musicians, actors that came to be in about 1898.

Did you know one exists in your community? Did you know you also don’t have be a musician to be a part of it ?

About 1500 chapters including one right in Bloomington MN that has existed for 50 + years. I will get to that more later. Back to the Moms!

In short, a former leader and President of the Eagles found students in a college writing post cards to send to their mothers. He thought it such a great idea he proposed and help spread the idea through fellow Eagles organization chapters through the country of a national “Mother’s Day”.

Soon enough Aeries from all over began hosting their own celebrations to honor mothers and finally their hard work paid off as President Wilson designated May 10, 1914, the first Mother’s Day.” As noted on the FOE site.

In the state of MN alone there are roughly 32 chapters of this particular organization that puts thousands and thousands dollars directly back into the community. Their buildings often host local community functions as well and private functions that range anywhere from bridal showers to birthdays, auctions, and everything in between.

Don’t let the Eagle’s flag, logo, and name throw you off that it is a organization for military or veterans only. It is, in fact, an organization that helps and welcomes anyone that would like to be a part of it. The Eagle represents spirit of liberty, truth, justice, and equality. Their tag line is “People Helping People”.

NO, you dont have to only serve in charity while you are there. It is a social club a place to go to and do something many of us may have forgotten was so important to how humans were built… to SOCIALIZE. A meeting spot to bring someone to chat and talk and meet new. Mostly help each other in any way you can. It could be as simple as a conversation on day someone really needs it. If you are inclined to take part in the many offerings or volunteer in an area of your specialty to en members or community in return for member benefits you are able to too that. But it’s never required.