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In honor of #NationalWineDay on May 25th #NationalPinotgregioDay May 17th and #NationalChardonnayDay May 26th We Break Down Some Great Beverage Set Ups & Ideas for what to serve at your gathering or enjoy anytime.

1) Bar Cart

For a Smaller Bash a bar Cart is a pretty way to have drinks set up and ready.

We recommend styling the bar cart and having backup items for refills ready to go.

This actual bar cart adn all the drink accessories are available for rental through the Adore Productions event rental program.

(photo by Kelly Birch Photography)

2) Bar Buffet

Making sure your bar buffet is decorated and has options for everyone is so key. Including options for the non alcoholic drinkers. There are so many wonderful non alcoholic options today as well. Including FOSE' a non alcoholic Rose and Codorniu Zero Brut Alcohol Free Sparking.

3) Wine / Champagne Wall

A statement ! Serve your drinks from a piece of art!

This wall that holds 40 glasses at a time and can be replenished through an event is also available to rent on the Adore event rentals program. 2 available.

4) Unique or Pretty Serving Bottles... and glasses !

If you are offering something like Sangria or a pre batched cocktail drink with wine or champagne using a pretty bottle for serving makes a difference . As does the glass it's served in. You will notice from all of the pics in this post the different types of glasses available but if you want a comprehensive list

- Red wine glass

-white wine glass



-low champagne glass

-tall champagne glass



and more!

And the great thing is there are no rules when it comes to pre batched cocktails that may include wine!

Check out the serving options on the Adore Site.

Also we highly recommend pre batched cocktails of any kind to keep bar cost down as well as make things efficient for guests.

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