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Relaxing on that Beverly Hills Hotel Style Patio

A recent Los Angeles getaway had me reeling on how I can hang on to the chic elegant feeling I get when hanging out at any of the many hotel pool patios in that town.

I'll be sharing so much more of the places I hung out ( new and iconic) on that recent trip but today I'm reinventing my patio and I'm going to show you how you can do a theme without getting sick of it too quickly.

Designing a patio inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel involves capturing the glamour and elegance that this iconic establishment embodies. One of the most distinctive elements is the hotel's signature pink and green color scheme. For the patio, consider incorporating these colors into your furnishings and decor. Pink umbrellas, lush green plants, and striped cushions can create a vibrant yet sophisticated ambiance. The addition of banana leaf-print textiles can further enhance the theme, paying homage to the hotel's famous Martinique wallpaper.

My grand plan startd coming together with a pink rug I found at a discount store ( called Nancy's Novelties) by Opalhouse. These stores are great because everything is new but typically returned to original store, discontinued, or out of season. Sometimes however you can find in -season items that may have been samples or the package just slightly damaged. So I got this 7 x 10 ft rug for $75. What a steal!

Honestly I was more looking for something striped or just solid but found this and figured the colors could really tie everything together.

Because I didn't want to scare my husband right out of the gate with a shock of pink all over and I wanted everything I used to be repurposed if I did decide to make changes next year, I opted to do a white 10 x 10 canopy and paint ( yes I said paint) an already vintage vinyl patio umbrella to match. You can find a similar umbrella to the one I show for the dining set or you can find a used vintage umbrella and paint it with a high gloss spray paint.

Furniture selection is crucial to achieving the desired look. Opt for vintage or retro-style pieces that exude a mid-century modern feel. Wrought iron or rattan furniture can be excellent choices, offering both durability and a touch of classic charm. I already had wrought iron patio furniture so I opted to paint it white (using Rustoleum 2x high gloss ) to go along with the hotel's actual decor shown in photo below.

Hand sewn pillow to reflect banana leaf patterns used in Hotel decor.

I struggled to find some hunter green stripe cushions at the time so I opted for a sea foam green stripe cushion for the largest chair and the sofa by Casuner . While researching a featured cabana at the Beverly Hills Hotel I took note of design features that were a more island and modern feel by Gray Malin. I was able to find hunter green fabric by the yard at Joann but I wanted to get this patio put together quickly. I believe you can also find hunter green stripe cushions on Amazon.

Comfortable loungers, a stylish dining set, and a cozy seating area can provide the perfect blend of relaxation and elegance. To add a touch of luxury, include plush cushions and throws in coordinating colors and patterns. We chose a banana leaf pattern fabric and custom made/ ( I sewed them) throw pillows. Paired with the banana leaf pattern pillows are a velvety pink rose throw pillow. And green chair cushions to pick up another shade of green in the banana leaf pillow.

This space would not scream luxury without the cabana curtains that flow so elegantly down the sides to give intimate and romantic feel. For this look we attached white pvc pipes with zip ties in three spots. You can use many types of fabrics but if you want to ensure all weather you should pick an all weather fabric panel.

Lighting plays a significant role in setting the mood for your Beverly Hills-inspired patio. Soft, ambient lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider string lights, lanterns, or elegant sconces to illuminate the space. We opted to follow a trend of basket chandeliers and use an actual basket to create the centerpiece light fixture in the space. You could combine one you found or purchased and insert a battery operated patio light inside. Alternatively you could do a set of three of the battery operated lanterns ina A set of three. Around the space we also hung edison bulb string lights to make sure in evenings lighting was soft.

Incorporating candles and small fire pits can also add a cozy, intimate feel, perfect for evening gatherings. Solar lighting all around your space can do wonders and is very affordable at many discount stores and amazon.

Lastly, accessorizing your patio with carefully selected decor can elevate the overall aesthetic. Vintage-inspired planters, tropical trees ( real or faux), ornate mirrors, and chic garden statues can add character and charm. Don't forget to include elements that reflect the Beverly Hills lifestyle, such as a classic bar cart stocked with stylish glassware and a selection of fine beverages. Pictured you will notice a beige toned bar cart that we actually thrifted but will be perfect for serving up a solid espresso martini or champagne.

A nice way to make any space have a soothing vibe is by adding a water feature. See our tutorial below for a great option using this solar powered fountain insert. By combining these design elements, you can create a patio that not only reflects the glamour of the Beverly Hills Hotel but also provides a luxurious and inviting outdoor space for entertaining and relaxation.

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