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Photo Booth For Your Event, Less Than $200

There are so many photo booth companies out there. Yes they are a ton of fun both for you to see the pics afterwards and for guests at an event. It gets people mingling and talking. Great for kids parties, weddings, business events, baby showers, etc...

photbooth pics_edited.jpg

I have come up with a great way to have a photo booth at any event and not break the bank. Standard photo booths cost anywhere form $400 - 1200 for an evening. This will only cost you $160 max if you have or can borrow a tablet. If you already have a blue tooth printer it will only cost you $40.

Just about everyone has a tablet and a printer now days and this is how you can put them to great use.

Here is what you will need to create your very own fun photo booth.

1) A wireless printer. I used the Epson XP-410. The Cannon Selphy Printer is a good one too. These range from $79 - 99 new or you can find them used as well.

2) A Tablet. I used my ipad.

3) This Tablet Stand. I ordered it off of Ebay for $20.00

( the alternative to this is have your guests hold the tablet for eachother or take selfies)

4) Photo paper. Approx $11.99 for a package

5) Download the Pocket Booth App ( or photo booth ap of your choice. Make sure they use air print to print photos from your device.)

DIY photo booth.jpg

1)Sync your tablet to the printer.

2) set up in an area with a back drop you like or make a fun backdrop.

3) load with paper.

4) Sometimes it's helpful to show a "go to" person how to instruct people how to use the ap or make a fun poster or chalk board with instructions.

5) for a baby shower let guests create the baby book with fun papers and "do dads". Or for a wedding get a nice leather bound book for guests to clue the pics to with a glue stick.

Have Fun!

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