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Not Partying Can Be Bad For Your Health

Can celebrations be proven good for your health?

Well I don't exactly mean party in the sense of taking part in "bringing down the house" night after night. While a lot of my clients hire me so that they can do this at their events ( and it's super fun to witness... let me stop there though), let me explain.

Probably since I can remember I have been designing events. No ..seriously.. I was inviting neighbors over to have honey dipped saltine appetizers and taught my brothers to perform songs into the vacuum cleaner /microphone for them all while I orchestrated the kool aid service. I obviously was born for this line of work.

I have often thought that maybe because there was some tough times in my childhood that my need for having or being a part of celebrations was because there wasn't a ton to celebrate in my life then. I remember thinking as a little girl that parties are something that only "rich people" have.

Now I'm all "growed up" and blessed with the ability to do something I really love doing. Utilizing not just my knack for visualizing events but creating them as well. Not to mention for 15 years now. I create and celebrate with people for all different occasions and many different budgets. A romantic wedding, a new born life, another year of life, and everything in between. Through the years I have wanted to also combine that with my fashion background in a bigger way than what I already do client to client.

About a year ago exactly I started venturing into the possibility of having a magazine or look book that is meant to encourage people to not just celebrate the big huge moments but the little ones too. Sharing your celebrations and just because moments with others encourages others to take the more positive route in day to day life and possibly plants the idea to create celebrations of their own and pass it on. Everytime you outwardly show your appreciation for another person it makes them feel incredibly special. Somehow many have forgotten this simple act. And people always remember, if nothing else, how you make them feel. Sharing their love for each other and stories about what there is to celebrate and not focus on what there isn't.

Fact: Kindness is a natural anti depressant because it causes a release of serotonin in our brain. Serotonin plays an important part in learning, memory, mood, sleep, health and digestion. It heightens our sense of well being, increases energy and gives a wonderful feeling of positivity and self worth.

When you show someone you love them even by hosting a small breakfast or coffee you are boosting their mental state and yours. Why do you think so many get so nervous before a wedding? The overwhelming emotion of love shown to them by all the people showing up for two people is astonishing to them. It's a and a rush of seratonin to your brain. Not just this but those around the guest of honor benefit from the face to face interaction that a party commands. Being in the presence of others does effect your spirit. I don't believe that when man was created that God imagined us hiding behind our screens having facebook parties.

Psychology Today reports that people who connect with others generally perform better on tests of memory and other cognitive skills. And, in the long run, people with active social lives are less likely to develop dementia than those who are more socially isolated.

The other reason I feel a tool like this one is a need is because we have to teach our kids and younger generation the importance of communication, manners, elequince, and being hospitable and our elders that they are in fact important to us. It's documented by the Bereau of Labor and Statistics in every age group a decline yearly in those that attend parties or social events. For example its last documented in 2017 that on average only 2.6 of the whole population of the US engages in either hosting or attending a social event per day. But 90.5 percent of the population take part in leisure activities such as tv, reading online, or texting and emailing for themselves every day.

Making other people feel special using all of the senses is something I'm so passionate about and seeing people post their wins on social media tells me that it's also something people are hungry to be the giver and receiver of that info. So I'm jumping into the unknown and piecing together what I feel is content that will inspire, plant ideas, show some beautiful things and moments. If nothing fill a screen or someday a coffee table.

I hope you check it out. Currently I am still taking submissions for the opening sample issue and starting to take submissions for the fall issue as well as sponsorships.


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