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Money Saving Summer Style Trend

Trend 1: Cut offs and the pretty blouse. Get the look for less!

Naturally you can figure out that you could cut off your own jeans for this, but what fun is that?

I love this look from and it is pretty affordable at under $100 but I found it for even less! How does under $20 sound?

floral blouse.jpeg

These cut offs are from Target's Mossimo Brand on clearance $9.98

and the blouse is from a store in MN called Heart Breaker. But you can pair the cut offs with any button down, light weight blouse. They are everywhere right now. Also it helps to scour the racks of a discount shop to find a blouse.


Don't like shopping or scouring racks to find these great looks? Call Adore! We can shop for you and deliver the finds to your home.


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