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Micro Weddings

With couples being more life and cost conscious today smaller more intimate weddings are on the upswing . Smaller guest count, less food to have to cater more money for the couple to spend on themselves and their start to life!

Having a smaller more intimate wedding means you can have really beautiful well thought out details and amazing food instead of the regular champagne chicken and mashed potatoes. Then you can post the beautiful pictures for all your friends to see !

What are some things that make up a Micro Wedding ? *Less than 50 guests this means only 5-7 tables for dining which cuts costs on centerpieces, linens, china, flatware, be a and food. *Small romantic ceremony having a smaller ceremony opens up the different low cost venues you can actually Hold your ceremony in. Gardens , beach front, in home, suites , etc... *Small bridal party if any at all. *wedding play list or acoustic unplugged reception. Details To focus on * Later evening ceremony or Sunday wedding. * Candle glow and beautiful romantic vows. * Sexy unique

beaded dress /gown * Cakes and unique desserts * Craft cocktails *Additional ways to make it special monogram plates for your guests *private chef in your home *sommolier educates guests and do a wine tasting experience *cigar roller with custom labels *sketch artist to sketch your guests instead of photobooth

I have a micro wedding package that is inclusive of rentals and florals. Food and bevs are custom to your liking and all decor can be upgraded. Inquire about the Microwedding package today! (612) 961 6070


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