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Look In The Mirror and What Do You See?

I was pleased to be a part of the most recent IAM Women's Conference and Boutique in Bloomington MN.

(floral & decor Kat Minks Design - Singer Alisa Ross sings at event)

The event gathers women from all adult ages to talk more about how to get back the "I AM" in their vocabulary instead of the "I AM Not's".

Created by Suzy Simonson (best selling author of Stroke to Success) and co owner of Better Together Co. with her husband Brian. The event is filled with a handful of speakers, music, shopping and fun! Oh and did I mention the decor of Kat Minks Design?

Many of the speakers inspire and encourage their own journey and give tools for success in every area of your life. It's a great opportunity to have a fulfilling date day with your best girlfriend, mom, or sister.

Head over to the event ticket page to reserve your seat today. Tickets range in price from $27 - $127. The Next event is Saturday April 25 2020 in Bloomington MN

(backdrop and decor Kat Minks Design)

( photo showing some the tools during the uplifting conference and features custom signage on the tables by Kat Minks Design along with decor and florals)

Additionally if you are interested in having your message or product part of the conference contact me and I'll get you connected!


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