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Is it okay to have a wedding in 2020 ?

The covid pandemic has taken over our lives in every sense of the words and caused many couples and families to have a fairytale experience seemingly ripped away piece by piece. 

Many professionals, myself included, have been reeling trying to find ways to guide clients through this unprecedented time. As time goes on I have found more fun and unique ways for those with an open mind to celebrate. It does take some creativity however.

None of us really want to hear or face the reality and it truly seems as though as more information comes out and more days go on they slowly break it to us as gently as possible that gathering cannot and will not be happening the way we want or wish it to.  And certainly not in the ways it used to. 

Celebrations large and medium are being postponed and cancelled because they truly don’t know what the new virus will do and it seems to be gaining strength in sorts. More reports coming out daily of additional medical problems associated with the virus and is causing more concern. Not only that but they are developing a vaccine that would still need to go to clinical trials to be deemed safe for everyone ( men, women, elderly and children) to have. As a parent I can tell you I’m very hesitant about injecting myself let alone my kids with a vaccine that is totally unknown just to go to an event. 

So that brings us here. Many brides and are asking the question 

  1. Should I postpone my summer wedding to Fall /Winter of 2020?

  2. Should I elope or do virtual vows?

  3. Should I do a MicroWedding?

  4. Should I completely postpone a large wedding  to Fall of 2021? 

Don't panic, we have some ideas for you.