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Is it okay to have a wedding in 2020 ?

The covid pandemic has taken over our lives in every sense of the words and caused many couples and families to have a fairytale experience seemingly ripped away piece by piece. 

Many professionals, myself included, have been reeling trying to find ways to guide clients through this unprecedented time. As time goes on I have found more fun and unique ways for those with an open mind to celebrate. It does take some creativity however.

None of us really want to hear or face the reality and it truly seems as though as more information comes out and more days go on they slowly break it to us as gently as possible that gathering cannot and will not be happening the way we want or wish it to.  And certainly not in the ways it used to. 

Celebrations large and medium are being postponed and cancelled because they truly don’t know what the new virus will do and it seems to be gaining strength in sorts. More reports coming out daily of additional medical problems associated with the virus and is causing more concern. Not only that but they are developing a vaccine that would still need to go to clinical trials to be deemed safe for everyone ( men, women, elderly and children) to have. As a parent I can tell you I’m very hesitant about injecting myself let alone my kids with a vaccine that is totally unknown just to go to an event. 

So that brings us here. Many brides and are asking the question 

  1. Should I postpone my summer wedding to Fall /Winter of 2020?

  2. Should I elope or do virtual vows?

  3. Should I do a MicroWedding?

  4. Should I completely postpone a large wedding  to Fall of 2021? 

Don't panic, we have some ideas for you.


Before you answer any of the above questions first ask yourself what is socially responsible? 

Events will happen again. Already ceremonies have been given a green light. But the likelihood of them happening the way they were anytime soon is slim to none. Not because they wont be given the green light, but how comfortable will people be in large groups?  

The most recent poll ( showed that more than 70 percent of Americans feel like the stay at home order is the right thing to do and would be nervous to return back to “life as usual”. 

And even last week the state  of Minnesota and many states in US seemed unsure kids would even go back to school in fall when they called off school for the year. 

Your family and friends will understand and will likely feel thankful the pressure is lifted off to attend something when they don’t even know if they want to put their health in danger or what life will look like then as it’s really not that far away. 


Many couples have now opted for Micro Weddings and events of 20 or less  in late fall of 2020.  

The magic number there seems to be 20!   Doing this can be very special and intimate for the people involved and it will be a unique and special fond memory of being able to have that time together. It also open a up a realm of possibilities for  outdoor venues and in home celebrations.  

If you do something now ( as of May 11 2020) , it will mean 10 people or less in person. More on that below it Virtual Weddings. 

(for fun fall micro wedding check out our previous micro wedding post)

Should I completely Postpone to Fall 2021 or 2022? 

This is where recommendations get tricky. No one wants to kill someone’s fairytale wedding dream.  And certainly the wedding professionals, venues, photography, catering  industries are definitely suffering because of this.   We, ourselves hate to make a suggestion that would upset or anger someone, BUT the real truth is given the stats of : 

*the virus and its strength in numbers

*what is going on as for additional complications now ( blood clots, strokes, heart complications, skin infections, and more) (

*no vaccine available for a long time that we know is safe. 

The real answer for brides wanting that lavish 100 + person weddings is likely YES, you need to postpone farther out to 7 months to two years.  This news and comes for a multitude of reasons.

Truly because there is no vaccine and doctors and scientists are just learning about the virus we don't know when it will be really safe to have a larger celebration again. To be safe however and when planning your postponement here are some things to additionally think about if you kept your wedding this year or even early to mid next year:

*Does the venue have enough space for guests to really “social distance” the guideline of 6 feet?     

*What is the food going to be?  Buffets are no longer safe options for feeding a large number of guests at a party which means your caterer will need additional service staff, plate coverings, and prepackaged options to execute your meal. 

*You will have the added expense of adding additional hand washing stations all over your venue so guests don’t have to go to a one or two stall bath and wait in line to wash hands every time they touch something in the venue. 

*What are the health complications of your own family members? Is there anyone that is greatly at risk that you know you want in the room when you actually get married or celebrate with? 

*Will you allow children at the wedding? 

*Is anyone in the bridal party or pertinent guests pregnant, trying to start a family or have newborns in the time frame you are thinking of having the event? 


Guests Virtually Tune in. 

Yes you can do Facebook Live, Instagram, or Youtube.  But there is also DA Cast ( or Zoom for streaming as well.  Now Google Meet has capability as well. 

As of now in most states you can have 25% of your guest count at a church or venue for a ceremony.  This includes MN.  You just cannot have celebrations after the vows.  In this case rather than having to air hug a group of people and shoo them out of a venue you could just keep your vows to under 10 people and have the rest virtually attend. 

Look at it this way, less worry of drunk drivers!

Here are more tips to pulling off a virtual and micro wedding. 

Fun location

A Beach or Water Side Celebration ! With warm weather and beautiful blooming backdrops of gardens, woods, or lakes you can take your event to a fun location. 


One great thing to make your vows romantic and can place you on the level of a tv wedding is a great backdrop.  Make it really romantic looking and capture your virtual guests attention making it feel like “movie love”. From lots of candles and a copper arch, Balloon Garlands, Floral Decor on each side and greenery hanging above you. The world is your oyster when you have one area to put a focus on and stand in front of for an allotted time. Check out all of the fun back drops that are available from

Be Inclusive

A wedding is sealed with a kiss and a toast. For fun have cupcakes done from a bakery and champagne splits with a card have a bridesmaid and /or planner deliver to all of the local guests that are attending the virtual. 


A car parade outside of where you elope or wed may be breathtaking fun and exciting for your big day. 

People can blow bubbles, leave gifts at a set out table while you wave.  

Better yet you can have your own princess moment if they line up their cars on the side of the road and you drive by waving from a convertible while guests toss biodegradable confetti.

Should I wear a Dress? OR something else? 

There are so many fun options if you plan to do a wedding redo later.  

You can of course choose the lovely gown you had chosen for your largerer planned wedding or opt for something different.  A jumpsuit, a two piece, a colorful option. All great ways to add whimsy to the virtual vows.

The key is to be as light hearted about what is going on as possible and take everything in stride. A marriage is not your wedding. It's a lifetime built on memories and this will always be.

For more ideas and tips contact Kat Minks directly and for all things stylish and celebration related go to .

For lifestyle and celebrations check out the magazine, published by Kat Minks, Adore Magazine



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