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Ideas for covering a floor in a space or tent.

Fairytale_1 copy.jpg

Pictured above carpet over tennis court. Adore Productions LLC.

Look at this beautiful photo of this beautiful wedding. Guess where it was held.

If you guessed a tennis court, you guessed right.

The client wanted the look of a hotel ballroom amongst a backdrop of a mansion. There was not room in the mansion, so the mansion was brought outside. As a designer and planner I know I can make even a parking lot look good and have!

Look FX Full View copy.jpg

Pictured above. Carpet over tar parking lot. Adore Productions LLC.

However the budget to create a ballroom outside you might find is out of this world and somewhat attributed to the flooring aspect. A tennis court is normally 78 ft x 36 ft ! Carpeting runs on average $2.25 a sq foot. ( astro turf is about $.65/ sq foot but only comes in green adn black - pic below). When you are talking about carpet for that space you would be looking at close to $6500 just for carpet. Thats huge!