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Ideas for covering a floor in a space or tent.

Fairytale_1 copy.jpg

Pictured above carpet over tennis court. Adore Productions LLC.

Look at this beautiful photo of this beautiful wedding. Guess where it was held.

If you guessed a tennis court, you guessed right.

The client wanted the look of a hotel ballroom amongst a backdrop of a mansion. There was not room in the mansion, so the mansion was brought outside. As a designer and planner I know I can make even a parking lot look good and have!

Look FX Full View copy.jpg

Pictured above. Carpet over tar parking lot. Adore Productions LLC.

However the budget to create a ballroom outside you might find is out of this world and somewhat attributed to the flooring aspect. A tennis court is normally 78 ft x 36 ft ! Carpeting runs on average $2.25 a sq foot. ( astro turf is about $.65/ sq foot but only comes in green adn black - pic below). When you are talking about carpet for that space you would be looking at close to $6500 just for carpet. Thats huge!


* Astro turf over plywood floor- Adore Productions llc.

So you're probab;y thinking right now, "okay thanks Kat for ruining my dreams of a fantasy wedding".

Well, not quite. See I may have found the holy grail when it comes to covering a floor. You see, in just aboput any major city there are convention centers. Most convention centers have car shows. For car shows they use lots of carpet. Lots of brand spanking new carpet! Where does that carpet go after the week long car show is finished? A carpet recycling center!! Ding Ding Ding!

As long as you can hault it, they will give it to you for almost nothing! The hard part is of course getting the truck or trailer and moving it yourself but if your fiance is nice enough, it can happen with a few of his buddies. OR the alternative is to hire Adore Productions for your decor set up adn event concept through our Premier Planning Package and we will haul it, store it and set it up for you for a alot less than what it costs to rent it yourself.


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