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Hello Spring Family Dinner

While we are all at the mercy of our homes for the time being and lots of uncertainty of when we can have celebrations we thought it would be a great time to make use of items you may have around your home. Something fun and light hearted to fill your soul.

Its a great time to teach kids about cooking and manners. A class that used to happen in school and was called Home Economics

Teaching your child how to be a host and how to be a good guest is a fundamental they will use for ever.

If they child is old enough you can even go over pre planning for company. Like making a shopping list, creating menu, etc.

Its a great time to talk about what foods are in season. Why it's best to eat foods in season and try new foods as well!

You can go over how much each ingredient to create the menu they selected would cost. If you have a some play money around you can even give them a certain amount and see what they can buy with the play money. Then they can prepare the menu.

Check Please!

Make a fun dinner party for your family.

Create Menus. Dress up the table to make it look like a restaurant with candles, faux flowers or greenery. Designate someone in the family to dress up like a waiter for the rest of you.

There are lots of free options for menus on or you can download one we've prepared here.

What to Serve

If you're looking for food ideas pull recipes from some of these ingredients for them to try.

Arugula (And other leafy greens like Romaine and Red Leaf Lettuce)

Artichokes Available in both spring and fall, artichokes are rich in folic acid, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and many minerals. ...







Fun things to do together for the party is:

*creative napkin folds

Dinner Table talks about table manners

  • napkin in lap

  • no elbows on table

  • asking to be excused from table

  • waiting to eat until everyone has food

  • chewing with mouth closed

  • do not make comments about food that are negative

  • thank host or who ever prepared the meal

  • offer to clear the table

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