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Greens Trend

Without question the Biggest design trend for summer of 2019 continues to be greenery! Its everywhere and now everyone is going plant crazy even in their homes! A pallet of neutrals makes this trend pop amazingly well. Then adding in our color of the year (Pantone Coral see previous post about colors of the year here ) for small pops in the accents sets everything off.

As as you may know I do custom decor and florals (both fresh and with other elements like paper). I thought it would be fun to recreate this trend for home but it is something that you could easily extend and create for an event or ceremony set up as well. In fact I’m designing a wedding right now where I’m mixing paper floral art with fresh flowers. The combo together hen done right can be amazing! This is a tutorial on how to create a mother tongue plant. I also decided to do this tutorial because some plants can be toxic to children and pets. Real Mothers Tongue poses a risk to children and pets but this version you get the statement without the worry. Also making several of these for a ceremony that is modern looking at the altar or lining the altar is very beautiful.

What you need: 1: green card stock or tag board (don’t buy neon) a true mother tongue plant has medium to dark green leaves With a slight white film over them. 2: scissors 3: mog podge matte 4: white acrylic paint 5: sponge paint brushes 6: a dish for mixing the paint with a little water and a dish for mod podge. 7: small wooden craft dowels to sturdy leaves 8: a hot glue gun and hot glue 9: a container to put leaves in 10: dry floral foam, rocks and or moss

1: cut your leaves. Mothers tongue leaves are tall and medium base that turns thin and pointed at top.

2: mix paint with a teaspoon of water and brush the long way in leaves. Let dry fully then brush mod podge on leaves once you achieved your desired look with paint.

3:Once dry pinch leaves at bottom using small wooden dowel to hang out of bottom and about 2 inches inside leaf. Affix dowel with Hot glue pinching bottom of leaf so you cannot see dowel. Leaf should stand straight up and be stiff.

4: place floral foam In container of choice and arrange leaves . Mothers tongue does not splay out it grows upward so keep leaves more toward center. 5: fill container with rocks or moss to hide foam.

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