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Dressing in Athleisure and looking put together

The regular business casual no longer applies with the introduction of athleisure into all of our wardrobes.  How do you do this without looking dumpy and frumpy? 

1) know your best assets!

For example I'm pretty proud of my mom arms right now from lifting heavy children all day every day. So a cute cutoff sleeve top shows those off. 

What's your best asset right now! If it's your butt, choose a legging instead of a harem style pant. If it's your stomach, go for it and show off your tummy. 

2) layer! 

This is true anytime but especially with athleisure. Put a tank or long sleeve under a shirt . Wear fun necklaces. Throw on a cute jacket or vest . 

3) cute shoes! 

Don't wear an old worn out sneaker. Spice it up with a cute wedge, a quilted slip on sneaker, or Grecian sandal. 

For this and more style tips and sales join the insider club! For direct style advice contact me directly or book a free consultation using the book online tool above or the contact info page. 


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