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Ceremony Venue Spotlight- Lyndale Rose Garden

As part of a new series on the Adore Blog and Video Blog on our Youtube Channel we will be introducing venues to you briefly.

Today here is a great Ceremony and Photo venue in Minneapolis, The Lyndale Park Rose Garden and Peace Garden.

There are three locations to choose from in the Gardens for a ceremony. They do require a permit from the city and book fast so it's a good idea to check your dates early but so so worth it. These spaces are just $500 for ceremony space. If you don't want your guests to stand, you will need to rent chairs however. Besides chairs you really don't need much else.

  • Annual-Perennial Gardens Turtle Fountain

  • Peace Garden

  • Rose Garden Heffelfinger Fountain


Walk of the roses in the rose garden

View of rose garden from lake harriet.

Here is the link to the Minneapolis City Web Site and PLease do contact Adore for your event design and planning needs. I help couples find the right venue & other vendors at the price you want and negotiate your contracts so you don't get stuck in a rut later.



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