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Budget Favor Idea Paint Chip Flip Book

You get these Free at your hardware store ! And they make a really cute, fun, and cheap DIY for a kids party, business card, wedding, or just a rainy day craft. 

I made these and put them in a little clear bag with crayons for my son's birthday and the adults were fighting over them. 

This DIY takes about 2 -5 minutes per book once you cut your index cards

 This is a pic of the book version with string and a wider paint chip sample. - Also given with water color paints and a small canvas at party. 


Here is the DIY How to Video:

Here is what  you need: 

Paint Chips : You can Also get them here if you don't feel right raiding your local hardware store. Ruler Scissors String Stapler Index Cards  Visit for more DIY's event ideas and design services.

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