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Aroma Story

Everything can look beautiful but if the venue either has an undesirable scent to it or your party lacks aromatic elements to the decor or food you are missing out on an opportunity to reach your audience and add a spark to your experience. Scents can instantly change the feel of a room and bring your guests at ease. For social events a lot of the time adding scents people are scared of so it’s important to choose things that appeal to both a male and female.

Herbal smelling scents are good but stay away from things that can smell too much like cinnamon and vanilla as that can be over powering. Good herbal scents are clove, Rosemary, mint, lemon, orange. It’s great too if you can put an oil mixture in a diffuser and then copy some of those same scents in the foods served.

If you plan to serve a dessert often times the baking a tray of cookies in the house just before guests arrive can be a great way to get the party started and make people feel relaxed.

Another great way to add scents atmosphere to a party or event is florals or trees. Fresh cut greens like spruce and cedar can be a wonderful scent that calms people. Five fragrant flowers: Lily Hyacinth Tuberose Lilacs Freesia Amaryllis Sweet Pea Lavender

Of course food is a great way to add scent to your event so make sure that you bring on some fresh herbs to bring out the flavor before your guests even get a taste! Using herbs in the breads, entrees, and side dishes you serve will be sure to fill your room with anticipation of the yummy delectable plates they are about to receive. For more tips and tricks for event lifestyle design and make sure you subscribe to the newsletter and check out our sister site for all things celebrations and love!


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