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Pop Up Picnic Party ...Boom

The simplicity of dining in the outdoors.

Years ago the red checkered blanket and a wicker basket was ideal. Grab some wine and a few sandwiches. Considered the perfect picnic and romantic date.

As everything is evolving in light of precautions due to Covid -19, so has dining alfresco.

The pretty picnic boom is here and is growing at a rate that is unbelievable by some.

You may have seen stories on the news from across the U.S.

Planners striving to breath life into a business centered around gathering quickly started add this type of fete.

Likely because of Covid the growth has tripled in picnic party offering by businesses that previously may have only done events in general. Simplifying the ease of dining elegantly and cost effectively as well as being highly "instagramable". Just as restaurants began building patios, event planners had to begin offer ing outdoor and cost effective dining option to attract business if they weren't already.

What they found was the picnic was no longer for romantic getaways only. Parents starting hiring for birthdays of children. Brides began seeking it out for showers and even weddings. Even reunions and a girls night out are the most popular uses of these events.

See, without having to rent chairs you eliminate a lot of set up and expense. But sorry tables have not been removed completely. Lower versions are used made for dining just like this.