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by Kat Minks Design 

Have a complete, intimate wedding curated by an Award winning event designer & stylist, Kat Minks. 

This one of a kind wedding experience includes everything you need for a wedding with 30 guests or less at a venue of your choice or at a venue chosen for you. Choose this intimate wedding to celebrate you and do what is in your power to keep your guests safe. 

small-wedding-intimate-wedding-package .jpg

Imagine just showing up to a gorgeously perfect wedding where you are the centerpiece and not having to deal with the array decisions. 

Package Pricing Subject to venue but start at $4295

  • Non denominational officiant (option for custom vows additions made by you)

  • Bouquet (Designed of In Season Blooms)

  • Boutonniere or Lapel Pin

  • Choice Between On Trend and Timeless Style Options of Curated Décor & Styling Package for Ceremony, Dessert Display and Guest Tables, Chairs, Drink Display, and more. 

  • Photography for and Digital Images After Wedding. (Includes Ceremony, Anyone Present, Wedding Details)

  • Cake or App Bites and Champagne / Non Alcoholic Option Available. 

  • Music

  • Amp/ Microphone 

  • Set up and tear down 

  • Management of Event 

  • Custom 20 x 18 Acrylic Sign keepsake 

Additional fees apply for custom options such as tenting, full bar, hosted bar options. 

Your Curated Wedding Can Be Made your Own

Upgrade options include the following but I want to make sure you have what you need to have a great day, So ask and I shall do!


Invite Design and RSVP Management 

Include set up of wedding web site and tracing of RSVP's as well as seating chart consulting. 

Food & Drink

Additional Food and Bar Upgrades 

Such as hosted bar. 


Florals For More Attendants or additional decor.


A stylish art backdrop, etc... 


Make Celebrating Your Day multiple and Enjoy a Day of Styling From Dress, Suits, and Accessories in a styling appointment tailored to your need and circumstances.  

After all photos are everything!

Video + Streaming 

Add streaming service and Video keepsake for your wedding. 

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