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Safety is Key in Celebrations, Meetings, Gatherings

You matter. 

Kat Minks and Adore Magazine is dedicated to helping you achieve the most safe and effective celebration, gathering, meeting ​possible.  My priority is you as a client and your safety. There are still many ways to make any type of gathering impactful and beautiful.  It's my privilege to give guidance and resources to do this. 

Clients meeting or gathering will be asked to sign covid waiver and prior to any meeting in person a questionnaire will be sent.  Social distancing and masks must be practiced unless outdoors (then it is up to clients digression)  and distanced 6 feet or more apart during the meeting or event entirety. 

Should you need to reschedule due to Covid-19 complications there is a fee structure that is outlined upon booking initially that you will be made aware of. 


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