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You are purchasing the print version of Adore Magazine when you make this purchase.  The Adore Magazine "Renewal Issue" is also the Winter 2020/2021 edition.  Enjoy a free digital issue while you wait for your print edition.  We will email you a link to do so. 


Launch Date is Nov 21 2020 for digital and launch for Print version is December 1 2020.  Please allow for 10 - 12 business days to receive your print edition should you order it.  


You will be sent a link for download once you have made your purchase. If you purchase during presale your link will be sent to you upon release date via email. 


For digital files 

To upload you r pdf format to a kindle or Apple Books to easily page through it. 

1. click "downloads" on your phone files section.  once you have uploaded the file to your device. 

2. Then you can Go to your App ( Books fo ios or Kindle) 

3.Click "Add to Library" in the app

4. Select the PDF from your device that you are uploading ( Adore MagazineWinter 2020_2021) 

5. Your magazine download should appear in your app. 

6. Page through magazine like normal. 


To view on multiple devices make sure that your app shares info between devices. 

Adore Magazine "The Renewal Issue"

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