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Selecting a Balanced Bouquet

photo by Troy Kivel Pixel Posey

Your bridal bouquet is the one and only time you will hold a bunch of flowers and everyone will critique your selection of accessory.

It's this bouquet and your dress that typically will be the culmination of your entire wedding theme and look.

However, unless you're a avid gardener or a bride that's also a florist you will likely not know what flowers to choose or how to balance it with your dress selection and overall tone of the wedding.

What colours/shapes work best with your dress?

How do you hold certain bouquets?

How big should your bouquet be?

To help answer those questions, I am here to help!

You can view ideas and designs on the Adore Floral Page

or as you can see by the designs pictured there is lots of ideas and flowers to be considered. But let's break this down.

Here are the tips to make your floral dilemmas a thing of bad dreams that only un prepared brides have! ;)

1) Narrow your bouquet look down.

- Do you want something with a traditional look like a round rose bouquet?

- Do you want a Boho wild flower look?

- Do you want Sparkle?

- Do you want Cascading?

2) Choose your attire before your flowers.

This is important because your flowers should compliment your dress. Otherwise your attire selection can seem disjointed and not complimenting at all. Lately with the boho wild flower trend I've been seeing very small simple dresses and these gigantic bouquets. While they can look beautiful you get lost behind the bushell of flowers behind you if there is not a correct balance.

3) Look at the Color of Your Dress

Is your dress white, ivory, champagne. Think about if you are selecting lighter flowers how that will photograph against your dress. You want the flowers to pop against your gown, not get lost.

4) Use complimentary fabric accents

Use of family heirlooms as wrap for a bouquet or a piece of your dress is a great way to add a added detail to your look.

5) Make sure your bouquet is slightly smaller than your waistline and no wider than your hips.

When you were picking out your dress your ultimate goal was likely to look as thin as possible on your wedding day. So why would you want to throw all of that away by hiding behind a "bush"? You want the camera and your guests to see that tiny waist! If you have a ball gown or A line gown you can likely get away with something that splays out more significantly with out looking silly or larger than you are.

6) How do you hold a bouquet?

Many brides get nervous or feel very awkward on their wedding day when their bouquet is placed in their hands. for most bouquets if you bend your elbows and position your bouquet in front of your belly button or rest your elbows so that they are almost on your hips. These are good positioning points. If you have a bible bouquet you will simply grasp it in one hand usually with cascading light flowers on ribbon or string. For an arm bouquet you just let the bouquet lay gently in the crease of your elbow like a baby and tilted forward.

Remember to consider Adore for your floral needs. We offer silk and fresh floral designs. See examples here.

If we cannot meet your needs we also refer to many other talented vendors. Bouquet pictured at top of page is one by Studio B Floral. Bouquet in Middle is by Flaming Flowers and all others pictured are by Adore Productions.

Don't forget to like the Adore Facebook page and sign up for our VIP list to get updates and deals.


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