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"Pandie" Possibilities: Learning to Be a Planner The Right Way

In my years of working with businesses there is one area of business that continues to stun me when training new in or consulting with people wanting their own creative business or wedding planning business.

I can give a host of examples but for a conversation starter lets take someone that wants to learn to have a wedding business. The key word here would be "learn".

For many years many thought that if they planned their own wedding or a few friends they knew what there was to know about the business. Then would proceed to open a business and low ball offer every bride or potential client they could then would wonder why in 5 years either they didn't have a business or were still charging $500 for a 14 hour Day of Wedding Event Management. Better yet they didn't create a system or goal plan and found that their "awesomely catchy name" was also taken (or derivatives of it) by five other people in their area. You see, no actual choice of learning involved prior to jumping in.

Actually, this isn't too uncommon to make mistakes like these in any creative type industry. You open your business ( whether it be wedding planning, jewelry, dress design, photography, or even an mlm business) because you like to do something and think how great it would be to get paid doing a hobby or selling a product that you love. Soon, no matter what you started out doing, in order to keep yourself unique you have to find ways to convey why they should love you doing it and make it easy for your consumer to see and buy.

The two examples I list above are just two of the many fundamental mistakes commonly made in creative business building and marketing. So I bet you are thinking "how can I possibly know what I don't know?"

That is a great question!

With the pandemic and the rise of Covid-19 not only are people getting laid off or furloughed but hopeful and soul searching. Many people are chasing their dreams of finally doing what they have thought about or wanted to do for along time. To a lot of people that means tapping into the creative free thinking self. Thus why so many boutiques, designers, mask makers, cricut crafters, t -shirt companies, and wedding planners, etc... are emerging.

Let's face it the wedding industry as a whole is a 55 billion dollar industry. Love is love and people will never stop getting married. In fact 2021 is being called "The Summer Of Love" because so many have postponed their wedding. Unfortunately, just like a lot industries, the wedding and event planning business is saturated right now. Just a note, we may be headed into a recession as well.

I know what you're thinking, "Gosh you're being a downer".

Well I have some bright side info to share as well that I hope puts a pep in your step. In 2019 roughly 62 Million couples in the U.S. got married according to Statista. With most of 2020's couples postponing or eloping and planning their anniversary party in 2021 currently one would expect that number to rise. Potentially creating explosive sales in every area of the wedding industry. From fashion, to stationary, jewelry, rentals, florals, beauty, to yes... planning.

So there are a few questions to ask yourself whether you want to be a wedding planner or have any business that could potentially sell an item to a couple looking to celebrate their love.

1) How can you capitalize on something bound to happen?

2) How can you be the most prepared and stand out in a sea of talent?

The something is the fundamentals or opening a business and how little time you actually have to spend doing it to gain the most in the "Covid years" and beyond.

Start with S.C.O.R.E. in your area to go over building your business or a business refresh if you've never gone to talk to a consultant they have. It's totally free but quite honestly you are going to have to get some specialized learning in before you can really build your plan. They will be able to shed light on your business idea realistically and pretty much say "best of luck to you" or point you to someone that can help mentor you.

Secondly, there are so many courses and knowledge out there to absorb but know the freebies are usually what is the prequel to hard work on your own and real with yourself. Yes! Authenticity. So interview your mentor or teacher to make sure they are your working style. I actually offer a complimentary 30 - 45 minute talk before anyone utilizes me for business or image consulting. for my courses theres a free course before you even have to sign up for a workshop that is laser focused on results and return.

I hope this helped you get a jump on your plans to chase your dreams.

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You can also check out this business networking group to gain a host of knowledge and support in goal chasing in business.

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