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Chic Back Yard Weddings

You want to have an ultimate chic wedding and don't have the budget. A small wedding at a home might be right up your alley.

There are ways to do a chic garden wedding and have it still be unique and display the style that you might find in the pages of a magazine.

Recently I set up a style shoot to put together more photos for my online catalog of rentals and thought "hey, this is pretty stylish and bohemian yet elegant".

Elements to consider

Decor: Use lots of potted flowers. Try to be monochromatic but try not to get oo crazy. Three different brightly colored florals is good. Pictured here is coor combo of purple, pink, white and green.

*Chandeliers or lanterns hanging in background in vignettes add demention to your event.

*Don't bother with table linens. To keep the look natural and woodsy use real wood tables for the dining areas and wood folding chairs.

*Use the ceremony table in background for a cake table for reception.

* Shepherds hooks and hanging baskets make great "room" dividers.


*Have a tent on standby.

*Have porta potties. They are somewhat affordable (starting at $100) and totally worth not having to deal with clogged pipes and a plumbng bill.

* check area for bees or have it sprayed.

also yard gaurd or have the yard professinally sprayed days before.

Food and Drink:

*keep it simple

Beer/ wine. Maybe specialty beers. But use nice coolers tin bins to ice down if doing self serve or have a bartender.

* Specialty drink pre made and iced in bin in mason jars are a great way to offer mixed drinks.

* Flavored water ( Rosemary, cucmber, lemon) you can put almost anythign in water to make it feel special.

* Food that holds well in outdoors. Nothing heavy, nothing creamy. Mae sure your caterer has covered dishes to serve food or chaffers.

Those are just a few tips. There are a lot more elements to making it work but the point is, it can work. To really make your event go off without a hitch, hire Adore Productions llc. We will save you time. Money, and lots of head aches.


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