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Bringing Families Together

With all of the devices in our lives I like to turn some focus off of that and actually having some meaningful conversations over the holidays. If you are going to or hosting a family gathering. Perhaps especially if you are newly engaged, its great to start these traditions before children are in the picture. It's never too late to start.

1) A Thankful For Book.

Create a nice book like the leather one here. Each Person writes what they are thankful for each year and signs their name. It's fun for everyone to look back at and remember all of the amazing times, people, and moments in our lives. Kids especially love this as they grow older. Also a great display piece in a person's home.

2) Thanksgiving Conversation Starters- written on leaves or place card.

Great for families that are melding together in the first years of a new couple's lives or if you are having new people over for dinner for the holiday.

3) Thanksgiving Charades- Free Printable. - Great over dessert.

4) While this one is not a tradition it's more a pretty thing. A pumpkin into a vase for your table

5) Gratitude Tree - Write things you are thankful for and place on a wreath or tree. Even a garland on a mantle. You could use velcro or string.

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