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Bachelor Wedding in MN!

If you follow the Bachelor you will notice the same song and dance happens every season. There's always one really cray girl (this season it's Kristal). There's always a bachelor promising three different girl's families that he has fallen in love with their daughter and he's "not telling any of the other girls the same thing". And finally there is a final rose. Well if you watched last night and you were a Minnesotant you got really excited for one particular girl who happens to be from Prior Lake Mn, Becca Kufrin. Maybe you have been cheering her on this whole time, but regardless, she does seem to be the most mature, has the most likable and unintimidating family, and seems to be the most ready for marriage. Yay!! Could it be? A Minneapolis Bachelor Wedding???? Maybe Becca and Arie will visit MN often and be part of the community?

Before you start getting too excited and booking your slip on Prior Lake to get a glimpse of the couple read on.

(*Here is a fave moment of Becca and Arie.


In last nights episode where Arie visits four families Arie does ask for Becca's mother's blessing and her uncle Gary (also a Pastor). Her mother, skeptical, says she will "trust Becca's judgement". Instead of saying "I would love for you to marry my daughter". ( Let me just say..... High five to Becca's mom! Why would anyone give a blessing to someone dating three other people??) It's very clear by Arie's face and body language that he knows how ridiculous it is that he is asking for hands as well. And it was clear he felt that with both Becca's family and Lauren's (hard nosed) family as well.

By the end of the show you see a preview for what is to come. Final decisions in Peru, another man's voice saying he's coming to get his proposal, and one of the girls crying in the bathroom of a condo (different than the one in Peru... I believe) and Ari holding an engagement ring on a couch and then walking out the door. Dun dun Dunnnnnnnnn.....

Supposedly the other man is Becca's ex (Ross Jirgl) on again off again boyfriend and he proposes to her but Becca choses Arie's proposal instead. However after the show finished taping in Peru and the couple went into hiding in a home supplied by the show. Allegedly issues arose and the couple split. Because they were in hiding there were still cameras and they filmed Arie getting the ring back from Becca. Allegedly... Word is Arie will show up to the live finale with the runner up Lauren Burnham. Who, if you ask me aligns completely with the blue print of the girl that the Bachelor selects just about every season. This who situation is almost exactly like the Jason Mesnick and Molly thing years back and they actually have a few kids and are still married.

So there went our dreams of a Bachelor wedding in MN. BUT! There is a lot of buzz online about Becca becoming the next Bachelorette. We are still waiting for a live TV Bachelorette weddings from JoJo Fletcher, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Rachel Lindsay. Fingers crossed, there is a chance for Becca bringing in a win for MN Nice and holding her own wedding with her own selection in MN bringing all the Bachelor / Bachelorettes to a lakeside wedding in MN.

.....Becca if you need a wedding planner, you know who to call. ...(wink wink)


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