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An Oscar Homage

Many of you may know that I spend a good portion of my life in LA LA Land. It is also where I started my business in Event Planning and Design. In a town where looking great is important so is how you celebrate occasions. From unique dishes at the most expensive restaurants, beautiful mansion locations for venues to entertainment acts that blow fire and hang from the ceiling singing opera, nothing is too much when it comes to throwing a great Hollywood party. This was one of my birthday parties that just happened to fall on Oscar weekend. It was one of my favorite "Hollywood Holidays" and therefore I found no other reason than not to celebrate it in a big big way. Sometimes it's not just about the party itself its about the entire experience... Okay I admit it...I feel this way all of the time. The weekend started with a getaway with a gal pal to one of the most exclusive spas in California and the country,

Restaurant at Ojai. After getting our fill of beauty, massages, and 5 star meals at Ojai Inn and Spa we decided to move back towards LA. When we arrived I found the red carpet I planned laid out up the steps. Guests already enjoying taking their pictures on it.

Up the steps guests were greeted by a statue holding refreshments and once completely inside a full buffet and bartender serving custom cocktails.

Guests voted on awards and laughed together at ensembles that the celebs donned. As the night pressed on friends moved to the garden where they were treated to a beautiful fire, more fun drinks and fire blowing entertainment.

Ted Shred. Professional Fire Entertainer This was a fantastic and fun celebration that not only incorporated my favorite people but some of my most favorite things. great food, adventure, and relaxation. All of the elements that guests of honor love and feel special from. FOr more fun and entertaining ideas contact me to help you plan your next event and celebration of someone special. (612) 961 6070


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